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British Gas Premier Energy Podium Programme
From Pool to Podium – British Gas Premier Energy

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British Gas Premier Energy holds 1200 customer service team responsible for looking after 4.2m of the highest value British Gas Residential customers. This site has undergone a significant transformation in the past 3 years – from a sales and KPI driven culture, to understanding that customer experience must come first.
The leadership team began shifting the mindset of their teams to think like customers by deliberately choosing to live by a philosophy of:
engaged teams = delighted customers = healthy profits.
To support the culture shift the Premier Podium Programme for Business Managers and Team Managers was developed.

There’s a 31% uplift in employee engagement to 85%, and attrition dropping from 52% to less than 8%. Customer service has increased – with a 60pt increase in customer advocacy (NPS), and 50% reduction in customer churn.
81% of delegates agreed that Premier Podium workshops enabled them to increase their effectiveness as coaches.
Quote from a BM s direct report: Since May you have made a step from being a manager to a leader. This is evident in the work you now do, and the support you offer. You give lots of positive encouragement to your team, that was previously missing.

We wanted to create front line leadership teams that are obsessed with developing their team, and to create a coaching culture. To do this we needed to improve leadership and coaching capability. Lane4 is a performance development consultancy with a heritage in elite sport, so using sports psychology combined with British Gas sponsorship of the GB swimming team we linked development language and behaviours to sport. An example of this was Personal Bests. Individuals have talents in different areas (e.g. value add performance or NPS), yet if everyone strives to achieve their personal best, the team will become high performing.[/one_half_last]

Team Managers were asked to identify what further support they may need to apply their programme learning. The themes they identified, and which we need to work on, are keeping the programme alive (for ex. workshops, speaking about it), support with the application of content (delivering content from the workshops with their teams or managing low confidence) and for Business Mangers to role model programme behaviours. As we look to roll out the programme further these are the issues we will endeavour to solve.

Since the development of the Premier Podium programme, as well as clear engagement benefits, site performance has moved from good to great! It is clear that a greater proportion of low performing teams have developed into high performing and engaged teams follow their leaders’ participation in Premier Podium.[/one_half_last]

The Speaker
Neil Miles, Talent Development Manager, British Gas Premier Energy