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This entry is shortlisted in the 2012 Peer Award “Technology for Performance” category

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The Academy: Building a Stronger Business
an Academy with purpose, in the spirit of partnership

The Academy addresses two key requirements; supporting the development needs of our distributors and engaging them in our vision and strategy.
The creation of an online 24/7 learning and development framework for our distributors and partners is essential. We recognise the importance of developing our people and that includes internally as well as externally.
The multifaceted offering enables our distributors to enhance their product knowledge, understand key business processes and focus on their behavioral skills development.
We are committed to helping our distributors grow their business; partnering and enabling them to build a stronger business and enjoy even greater success.

Since introducing The Academy as a complete learning solution; the feedback has been outstanding.
A survey of our distributors (December 2011) found that, 92.3% of respondents believed The Academy has helped them to give a better service about Bupa International s products and services to their clients.
A resounding 100% respondent s thought that the Academy is suitable for the different types of staff within the business Additional feedback has included: I am more confident with a clearer understanding of Bupa Products and better knowledge of general insurance issues and renewed enthusiasm chasing sales and new business

The Academy is a capability based centre of excellence that encourages continuous development. In an ever evolving market, it s essential that we offer an unparalleled proposition for our partners.
Progression is made through The Academy; and its recognised when a level is completed on an individual and company basis. Bupa accreditation enables our distributor s performance to be recognised; providing a tangible benefit to them and giving us confidence that our distributors have the appropriate knowledge and providing our customers with a great service.
The Academy is a demonstrable commitment to our distributors and our relentless dedication to growing business opportunity.[/one_half_last]

Taking a “pace over perfection” approach in delivering The Academy meant there were lots of lessons learnt, our main two are:
Content underestimating the time it would take to scope, research, design and obtain sign – off from stakeholders, impacted the available time for the creation of instructional design, workbooks and virtual sessions. As the levels progressed, we invested in additional resource to ensure we met the deadline.
Communication and Engagement – we missed the opportunity to engage our internal employees. Being so focused on the needs of our distribution meant that we missed!

Spending time really getting to understand our distributors and the relationship they have with their customers our members has enabled us to deliver a one stop learning solution.
It has been designed to be a convenient and logical approach to learning. Providing different ways of learning and techniques, depending upon the level and module content. Enabling our distributors to choose the time to learn and in their own pace.
Ultimately, we have provided a framework and resources to enable the distributor to be in control of their own learning and drive profitable growth for them and us![/one_half_last]

The Speaker

Laura Pettitt, Head of Learning, Bupa International
L&D Lead for The Academy
Currently head up the Learning Team within Bupa International; our key focus is on building the capability of our non leadership and management community and externally our distributor.