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Selecting, Developing and Measuring Impact of Emerging Leaders
identifying, supporting and measuring impact of global social entrepreneurs

Designed for maximum impact in addressing global poverty and using a rigorous selection process, the Inspired Individuals Initiative identifies social entrepreneurs working in resource poor environments who have radical and innovative ideas that could impact millions of people.
Rather than providing direct project funding, the Initiative works in relationship with the selected individuals to help them achieve personal and project sustainability, scale up their work and identify opportunities for creating long lasting systemic change in society.
Our model identifies and selects these emerging leaders, supports their development and monitors the impact of their work and our support to them.

In 2011, we commissioned an independent review of the pilot phase of the Initiative. The review indicated that we had developed both a successful model to select the right people, as well as an approach to creating the right nurturing environment for their growth.
Between 2009-2011, the impact of 35 Inspired Individuals with whom we worked was over 200k direct and indirect beneficiaries, over 350 employment opportunities created and over 2,000 volunteers mobilised. Over 85% of individuals reported a significant difference to their intention to scale up and over half started new initiatives directly as a result of networking events.

The Inspired Individuals Initiative takes a fundamentally distinctive approach to supporting development in resource poor settings, resourcing emerging leaders and helping them scale impact based around their own model.
During the selection process we apply key criteria to assess; the person, their idea, the timing and the opportunity potential that the Initiative represents. We have developed an innovative scoring matrix and use the latest technology to enable team coordination, consistent benchmarking and continuous assessment.
Our models and technology solution for personal development planning and measuring and monitoring impact are unique and innovative in their application and within the market.[/one_half_last]

We piloted the model of Inspired Individuals between 2008-2011 with just 1.5 FTE before launch last June. Incubating the idea and developing the model has been a continuous process as well as being a challenging and learning process for the organisation as a whole.
We have been through numerous iterations of the selection and support model which were in flux as we journeyed with the Inspired Individuals themselves.
We have struggled with the tension of being comprehensive in order to deal with complexity while also forcing ourselves to rethink and deliver models which are simple and intuitive at their core.

The Wow! factor combines:
– How simple transferrable models can be applied in selection and growth of emerging leaders.
– Visual ways to monitor growth and added value to individuals’ leadership development.
– High impact a small targeted investment in individuals can make.
– How to develop and deploy new technology in an intuitive solution at minimum cost within a short timeframe.
– Quality and level of innovation in the not-for-profit sector.
The organisation benefits from inspirational stories of individuals tackling poverty, innovative approaches which encourage shared learning into new countries and contexts, innovative ways of tracking and measuring impact.[/one_half_last] The Speaker
Christopher Jones, Head of Operations – Inspired Individuals, Tearfund