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This entry is shortlisted in the 2012 Peer Award “Technology for People” category

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Individual Learning Plans through an Integrated Talent Management System

As organizations expand globally, their HR functions find it difficult to manage a workforce that is not only geographically dispersed but also culturally very diverse. This has prompted organizations to increasingly leverage technology to integrate their global workforce and create a common benchmark for employees and their HR to build an effective performance management process. In order to address this challenge and to effectively build on our strong technology capabilities, Wipro has created the Integrated Talent Management System (ITMS). Through ITMS, online trainings have got linked to the appraisal process in the organization.

Over 37,000 Learning plans were created in Year 2009 – 10 with a completion rate of nearly 60%. More recently over 43000 plans got created with a completion rate of over 70%. ILP has a direct linkage to the Key Competency Area (KCA) rating of an employee. As it is an online training program, employees can learn online without needing to leave the workplace giving them the freedom to learn at their own convenience and pace. It is an end to end initiative to equip the right Line Behavioral Skills aligned to Project Required Competencies for potential customer facing employees.

We had multiple online training programs, but it was only through ILP that the trainings were directly linked to the role based KCA ratings which form a part of an individual’s appraisal. All the employees in Wipro going through the annual appraisal cycle get an ILP assigned to them which is customized based on their KCA rating / feedback. Pre ILP days, only a small percentage of employees had time to attend classroom trainings, but with ILP everyone has access to various training modules customized to their needs.[/one_half_last]

Our initial vision was for having a customized learning plan for all our employees and we thought what better way than to link it to one’s appraisal ratings – linked to their role based KCAs. Employees who are constantly on the move and are unable to attend classroom based training. Today all our employees have access to a learning plan that they can access not only from their desk, but also from their homes, on Mobiles, Handhelds and Smartphones.

Within 2 years of the launch of this project, over 43000 plans got created with a completion rate of over 70% for Wipro Technologies. For the first time in Wipro we saw that not only online trainings were made available easily, but also it was customized to bridge the gap between the actual and required KCA threshold expected from the employees.[/one_half_last]

The Speaker
Nimish Khare, HR Head(UK/Ireland/Nordics), Wipro Technologies