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Entries are first vetted by us for quality, clarity and suitability. Peers are then invited to review the presentations, pose questions where necessary, rate entries against the judging criteria and provide comment and feedback.

Making Comment


explore the submission

Ask the candidate for further clarification, possibly to help you finalise your rating.


how an entry impacts you

Ways an entry inspires you to think differently about your own work.


improving the presentation

Ideas about possibly resubmitting a more effective entry for a higher rating.


improving the initiative

How to take the initiative forward, improve or further develop it.

peer reviewers may provide this helpful comment to an entry they review, some of which can be published

Selecting Winners


The difference made in target communities and benefits to the organisation

Good anecdotal or metric evidence of real outcomes rather than reams of stats


What’s distinctive about the entry and how creativity helps overcome challenges

A good idea that your fellow professionals might not have thought of


Hints and tips from real experience to help fellow professionals adopt ideas

How people can effectively apply your ideas in their own context

fellow professionals help determine winners by rating candidates’ nominated entries against each of these criteria