This entry was shortlisted in the 2012 Peer Award “Employment Awareness for the Community” category

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Channel 4’s entry-level talent programme.
How the *?@! do I get into media ?

Every young person has an interest in media, many of them want to work in it. For all those with an idea and a bag full of questions, there’s 4Talent.
Channel 4 launched its new talent programme back in 2007, since then we have met face to face with over 5000 people and helped them to understand what jobs are available and how to go after them. Of course we cant hire 5000 people at Channel 4, we do this to promote the UK’s wider creative industries. Its all part of our public service remit.

Young people love our programme and over 14,000 of them opt-into us staying connected with them across our facebook and twitter feeds, which are alive with opportunities. We regularly invite them down to C4 HQ where they can take part in debates and special events. And we want their input.
Almost 50% of our 4Talent-ers are from BAME groups, 60% are female and 10% have a disability. So we love the fact that 43% of our guys go on to gain further work experience and 17% go on to find work in the industry after spending time with us.

Talent can be anywhere, thats why we take our 4Talent Days across the UK. Young people like it more when you’re on their turf. Last year we visited 10 cities including Bradford, Plymouth, Stoke and Liverpool. This year we will go even further-a-field, visiting places like Dundee, Carlisle, Barnsley and Aberystwyth.
These days are packed with creative workshops lead by industry professionals, so new talent can try their hand at digital film-making, creative writing, presenting, journalism, puppetry, stand-up comedy – whatever takes their creative fancy. And when they shine, we’re there to spot them.[/one_half_last]

Through our all our 4Talent Days and all our talks and workshops, we explain all the routes into the industry and breakdown what employers are looking for. From here we sign-post our 4Talent-ers to opportunities across the sector, as well as to our own work experience scheme and our apprenticeships, internships and production traineeships.
What we’ve realised though is that our website needs to work much harder to support new talent after they have engaged with us. So we’re investing 35% of our annual budget this year on improving our web experience for new talent.

Its essential that the media industry reflects the diversity and fresh perspectives of a modern UK. So we go beyond the traditional relationships with Media Academies and work with over 400 colleges, charities and community groups to access new talent from all walks of life and all corners of the UK. Our work is designed with networks at its core, putting new talent in touch with one another and with local creative industries. Because as a broadcaster, we know that it is through these grass-roots creative collaborations that true innovation can happen.[/one_half_last]

The Speaker
Priscilla Baffour, 4Talent Co-ordinator