This entry was shortlisted in the 2012 Peer Award “Coaching/Development” category

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Ensuring Success Through Inspiring Your People
igniting behaviours in people and teams, and changing their mindsets

We do not deliver a tangible product or service. We gauge our success through the quality of interaction with our team.
This is only achievable through the recruitment, development and retention of a team that live and breathe our values of “Creating exceptional, memorable experiences… One guest at a time”
In an industry of traditionally very robotic, uninspiring service – we created our culture as a point of difference… We understand we’ll only be successful through our team’s passion, behaviours and attitude.
Endorsement by the ILM and winning the National Training Award has given our business further recognition of our approach.

We had 33 internal promotions in 2011 (out of our 45 managers)
Staff turnover is at 6% (industry average of 17.5%)
We had over 1,890 attendees in our courses in 2011 (we have a team of 450 people)
82% of our management come from within our own team (30% of those were promoted in the last year)
An average of 8% of employees who know their company’s vision and values and what the company stands for. Ours is 86%.
The ability of our teams dictates our success. We also have a 97% client retention rate (the industry average is 60%).

Our unique approach to mindset change has become not only a way of developing a strong culture in our own teams; but also our colleagues.
As we work on multi-service contracts, our colleagues running the other service lines (such as security, cleaning, catering, engineering) first requested us to deliver customer service training, then team building, leadership development and full-scale culture change projects, for the benefit of the whole MITIE contract.
This has been delivered to over 2,000 MITIE staff.
Our training team now regularly speak at industry events and training exhibitions on our approach to organisational behaviour and cultural development.[/one_half_last]

Over the four years that we have existed as a company, we have put a large focus on our behavioural training.
Whilst that has brought us great success, it became clear in the last year that we had neglected some of the more useful day-to-day skills, as our operational management team were lacking that skill set.
With that in mind, we created a programme called Seven Up, which was accredited by the ILM. It was designed to bridge that gap, containing seven highly practical subjects such as ‘recruiting MCS people’, ‘client relationships’, ‘quality control’ and ‘performance management’.

Our training does not instruct, impart knowledge or teach. It’s designed to ignite behaviours in people, inspiring immediate, long-lasting changes in attitude and performance.
It allows for our teams to share knowledge and skills in a fun, engaging and passionate environment. This means that they get to love their jobs a little bit more, knowing what a difference they make to our clients.
Our training is non-prescriptive, allowing the team’s personalities to shine through – enabling them to engage on a personal level with guests, clients and colleagues.
In other words, it’s about who we are, not just what we do.[/one_half_last]

The Speaker
Tom Robinson, Training & Development Manager, MITIE Client Services