[callout1]Information for 2013 Peer Awards Finalists[/callout1]

1. Again in 2014?

Do you have another inspirational idea (or ideas) that would work well for the 2014 Peer Awards? We are now open for entry. The sooner we get your submission(s), the sooner you will know if you are a finalist again, and the more time you will have to prepare. The categories and packages have been developed for 2014, and you can read about them here.

If you do not have an entry in mind for this year but would like to participate and gain further good exposure for your brand by association, take a look at the sponsorship options.

2. Being on our Team

Would you like to be on our Team for 2014? This is a group of people, typically Peer Award finalists from previous years, who volunteer to assist this year’s finalists, and to help us run a smooth conference. It is especially great when our team includes winners from the last year. Everyone on the team gives just as much time as they want/can for supporting new finalists, and helping out at the conference would mean that your place there is complimentary.

If this is of interest to you then please let us know using the form below.

3. The Peer Community Lunches

Are you interested to host one or more of our Peer Lunches? As you know, The Peer Awards showcase at conference and in the press innovative thinking across a range of areas of key importance to business. Now that the Peer Awards have become an established award for business, we believe that the time is right to create a great environment for the individuals that participate, so that they may further share their inspirational ideas and stay in contact with one another on an ongoing basis. To this end we propose to arrange, promote and facilitate an ongoing series of lunchtime peer-focused conversation/networking meetings in Central London from January through to May. Each Peer Lunch would have a specific theme that would also have its own online discussion thread where interested parties could nominate specific issues for discussion.

Each meeting, which would focus on a specific topic (related to one of our award categories), starts with an introduction to and update about the Peer Awards, of special interest to people coming to find out more and attracted by the theme. The primary focus is for a free flowing peer circle discussion for say six people per table that share a common interest in a specific issue that was raised ahead of time, which they could have identified online. There should be time for people to attend two peer circles at any one peer lunch. There is no ‘speaker’ as such. Everyone is invited to share their perspective on the peer circle’s issue, and for a conversation to then flow.

We are looking for a venue with a capacity for say 30 people. In our experience we tend to have ten to fifteen people attending when 30 confirm that they will come. But it is always possible that everyone will show up – indeed with each lunch now having a specific and unique focus, our attendance rate might well improve. We would want the facility from around 12:00 to 14:00, ideally with a number of rooms but certainly with a number of tables for six. A room that could seat everyone and that has the facility to show a PowerPoint presentation with a laptop you provide would be most helpful. You would be encouraged to take a few of the places for yourselves, to welcome the people that attend and to say something about your interest in hosting the lunch, and to have your brochures on display for people that want to take with them.

Proposed dates are…

Friday 17th:
Corporate Responsibility
Friday 24th:
Customer Engagement
Friday 31st:
People & Performance
Friday 14th:
Corporate Responsibility
Friday 21st:
Customer Engagement
Friday 28th:
People & Performance
Friday 14th:
Corporate Responsibility
Friday 21st:
Customer Engagement
Friday 28th:
People & Performance
Friday 4th:
Corporate Responsibility
Friday 11th:
Customer Engagement
Friday 25th:
People & Performance[/one_fourth_last]

4. Publicity

Please do let us know in the comment field below about any publicity about your Peer Awards success you have planned. If you would like a quote from Stephen please let us know on the form below.

Our press release is here.

5. In The Independent

We plan in the 2014 Peer Awards Supplement to feature a spread celebrating the 2013 Peer Awards Ceremony. This will include mention of each finalist and winner, and pictures from the event. Would you like some space reserved for us to talk about your entry, using your words? Fees are as for new finalists

50 words.

250 words (1/4 page)
with your and your partner’s logos
+ a picture from the ceremony

100 words
with your and your partner’s logos.

500 words (1/2 page)
+ your and your partner’s logo
+ a picture from the ceremony and one you provide[/one_half_last]

6. Photos

Photos from the ceremony are available for free download here. You can now purchase printed copies online as well. When you follow the link scroll down to view the first page of pictures, and just click on the download icon next to a picture to get your hi-res copy. There’s five pages to scan through.


Please let us know about your interest in any of the above here…

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[contact-field label=”Team Conference Call” type=”radio” options=”none,Wednesday 13 November from 12:00 to 13:00,Tuesday 26 November from 12:00 to 13:00″ /]

[contact-field label=”Space in The Independent” type=”radio” options=”none,Overview (50 words) @ £600,Description (100 words) @ £1000, Feature (1/4 page) @ £2000,Focus (1/2 page) @ £4000″ /]

[contact-field label=”Hosting Peer Lunches” type=”textarea” /] Tell us about your ability to host one or more of these in early 2014.

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Contacts for you

Many of you were struck by the engaging new Peer Awards video (now at our homepage) that opened the ceremony. If you want to find out about a similar video for yourselves just contact Peter Davis (peter.davis@simpleshow.com, T +44 (0)203 4023157, M +44 (0)7715 578229) at Simpleshow.

If you are interested in a reliable firm to produce great plaques for your next event, you are welcome to speak with Melanie Osborne (melanie@efx.co.uk 01789 451224) at Special EFX Ltd who produce ours.

Customer Engagement Summit
Remember the offer of a free place at Engage Customer’s Customer Engagement Summit on 28 November. The agenda features three of our finalists and you can claim your place using the code CES2013C here.