[callout1]Information for the 2014 Peer Awards Winners[/callout1]

1. Additional Plaques

For additional engraved winners plaques please email us. For each one we need to know size (A4 or A5), the text you would like included, landscape or portrait. The fee is £95 for A5 and £150 for A4, plus VAT. We need to order all of these in one batch, so please place your request with us by 7 October. Don’t forget the delivery address.

2. Again in 2015?

Do you have another inspirational idea (or ideas) that would work well for the 2015 Peer Awards? We are now open for entry. The sooner we get your submission(s), the sooner you could know if you are a finalist again, and the more time you will have to prepare. You can read about all the changes here.

Let us know if you are interested in the new Internal Peer Awards we announced at the ceremony, or in sponsoring the 2015 Peer Awards, and we will update you when information on these is published in a few weeks.

3. Publicity

Our press release is here.

You are encouraged to use this button on your website etc.

Please have it link to http://thepeerawards.com/.

You are also welcome to have on your signatures “2014 Peer Awards winner”

4. In the media

We are publishing a winners supplement in The Independent newspaper and also a new microsite at The Times website celebrating the 2014 Peer Awards winners. The plan is that this will mention each winner, including their company name, company logo, entry title plus around 25 to 50 words about their entry in The Independent newspaper, and will mention many (and possibly all) of the winners at The Times microsite. You can ensure further coverage in the supplement and/or at the microsite as follows…

5. Photos

Photos from the ceremony will be available within a few days. We shall advise you when.