Congratulations on having been a 2018 Peer Awards Finalist! On this page is all the information you should need about how we can help you celebrate this accomplishment

Press Release

1. Your showcase page

To give further exposure to some of this year’s nominated entries and to illustrate how ‘good submissions’ look to people planning to enter in 2019, we plan to showcase a selection of entries from this year. Most likely this will focus on entries that have included visuals and where all the judging criteria have been fully addressed. Email us back please by 13 July if you do not wish us to feature your entry or entries in this way. In the meantime you may edit your entries at the Dashboard to make sure that they are as you would like them to be.

2. Your finalist button

Feel free to use this button in your publicity, to celebrate being a 2018 Peer Awards Winner.
It would be great if you would associate a link to this website (

Click your mouse on the logo to open the image in a new tab for downloading

3. Ceremony photos

Here are the photos from the Awards Ceremony.

About the photographer: If you are in need of a photographer for weddings, corporate events or other functions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Lin Deng. You can find more of her works via her website at

4. Help us Celebrate your Success

Your having been nominated is already celebrated at the Recent Results page at this website. We look forward to acknowledging your achievement at this website with a showcase page (see above), but also in an update we would like to make to our microsite at the Telegraph Online.
It would be great to be able to feature something about your entry, possibly with a picture or two and with a link to your website.

Feature - 100

  • 100 words

Feature -250

  • 250 words

Feature -500+

  • 500 words + picture + link to your page at our website

Dedicated Page

  • whole page (1,000 words) + pictures + link to your website

Please email us in July if this is of interest.

5. Events

We are planning a series of small informal networking events for early next year where Peer Awards finalists (past and future) will have the opportunity to discuss their innovative work face to face with fellow professionals that share similar interests. Each will feature presentations from 2018 Peer Awards winners followed by peer circles where people talk in greater depth about their work.

Please reply to the email you were sent before the end of July to let us know if you are interested in hosting such an event (for 20 to 50 people with a breakfast or a lunch) in Central London or if you would just like to attend (we hope this would be free of charge).