John Loveland, Verizon

Visionary leader for a highly innovative product set

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Information Security award entry for the “[4721]” category

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Information Security award entry from for the “[4721]” category


John Loveland is the global head of strategy for Verizon’s cyber security business. As part of his role he has developed a highly innovative new tool that will be extremely beneficial to businesses globally. This tool, the Virizon Risk Report, complies date from a variety of sources, including Verizon’s telecommunications traffic data, to identify and prioritise threats around the globe and to identify and suggest solutions for vulnerabilities in organisations.

The tool is innovative in two ways. Firstly it collates and normalises different data from a variety of sources including the dark web and  the deep web, creating a very comprehensive and constantly changing view of cyber security around the world.

Secondly, the tool addresses human  issues by including cultural and behavioural measures, as well as technical data. This adds to the comprehensive nature of the tool, making it far more effective.

Delivery of the tool is enhanced by the use of human consultants to provide analysis, and by the ability of users to “slice and dice” the data in any way they want – by territory, industry, date etc.

John is a visionary leader for this product and a highly effective communicator of its benefits.

Use of technical data (including from Verizon’s global web traffic) combined with social media data/threat intelligence data, internal company policy analysis, and human cultural and behavioural data

Three security lenses: an external view, an internal (IT) view and an internal (employee) view

Interactive functionality enabling users to customise information