Paul Dorey: Chairman of IOT Security Foundation

Years of experience applied to IoT security

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Information Security award entry for the “[4721]” category

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Information Security award entry from for the “[4721]” category


Paul Dorey is a highly experienced cyber security professional who has provided services for a number of high profile and at risk organisations including high street banks and pharmaceutical companies. He is now applying that experience and his huge store of knowledge, that encompasses both technical and human factors, to the area of IoT cyber security. This is a critical field, essential for the UK’s infrastructure security. I can’t think of a better person than Paul than to guide this part of the industry through his chairmanship of the IoT Security Foundation.

IoT Security Foundation is leading the way for securing our national infrastructure against threats to the Internet of Things.

Any addressing of IoT security is innovative in itself!

Paul is an inspiring thinker, always able to bring theory back to grounded common sense