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Royal Warrant Holder, Hypnos, is committed to ethical bed production, with sustainability and corporate social responsibility at the core of its company values. As a family-run business, which supplies beds to some of the finest homes and hotels around the world, the company prides itself on its Corporate Social Responsibility credentials.


With a CSR policy centred around operating as a conscientious employer, supplier, manufacturer and business on both a local and global scale, Hypnos works hard to ensure all its actions are ethical and responsible. This includes a dedicated CSR strategy that sees the company continually supporting worthy charities and causes, local schools and also working with apprentices to nurture the talent of the future.


Hypnos’ CSR strategy covers two key areas:

  • – Sustainability
  • – Working with worthy causes




As a multiple award-winner for its sustainable actions, Hypnos is dedicated to driving innovation and sustainability within the industry.  It is committed to using only the finest, natural materials, always obtained from sustainable sources, whether this is timbers sourced from managed forests to fibres made from polymer bottles. Hypnos always tries to use natural and biodegradable materials, including biodegradable wools, so that all of its products are ethically sourced and made.



Hypnos’ sustainable credentials also extend to the aftercare it offers. Manufactured using a range of natural materials, including FSC® or PEFC™ certified timbers, all of Hypnos’ beds are 100% recyclable at the end of their life.

For its contract hospitality customers, the business offers a full disposal service for old beds, with its sister company, The Furniture Recycling Company, who deconstruct them to create recycled raw materials for re-use in other industries.

This responsible approach results in 100% landfill avoidance and offers a green and responsible way of disposing of old mattresses and bedding.




Hypnos was the first bed manufacturer in the world to become carbon neutral, complying with the PAS 2060 Carbon Neutrality Standard and passing the Sedex Ethical Trading Audit.


The company has been carbon neutral for seven consecutive years and constantly monitors its carbon footprint, having reduced carbon emissions by almost 70% since 2011.


In fact, Hypnos’ Castle Donington factory runs on a biomass heating system, which was installed as part of the company’s ethos and commitment to protecting the environment. This renewable heating source uses wood pellets, therefore avoiding the use of fossil fuels – an initiative through which the company aims to save 74 tonnes of carbon a year.










As a family-run business, Hypnos places great importance on giving back to the communities in which it operates and has a number of ways it does this:-



Hypnos has donated 53 beds to children’s charities over the past couple of years which included donations to Great Ormond Street Hospital in London and Leicester Children’s Holiday Centre in Mablethorpe and Treloar’s School in Alton.


The work at GOSH was of particular importance to the company, as the 20 single and double beds donated help provide out of town families of seriously ill children a comfortable place to stay while their children are being treated, thereby helping them get a good night’s sleep.


Hypnos also has a charity partner, Magic Breakfast, which provides healthy breakfasts and expert support to schools in disadvantaged areas of the UK. In January 2017, Hypnos provided a £20,000 donation as a percentage of its 2015/2016 financial profit and has shown further support for the charity throughout the year through a series of fundraising events.


In October 2017, 24 Hypnos employees, raised an outstanding £13,000 after cycling a total of 2,000 miles in one day as a fundraising event between its two factories in Princes Risborough and Castle Donington. All money raised was donated to Hypnos’ charity partner, Magic Breakfast. Staff gave up a lot of their time to train for this event and to raise the sponsorship that would go a long way in helping the charity.


In addition, Hypnos’ Directors made a cooked breakfast for the workforce as part of a fundraiser for Magic Breakfast and employees could purchase bacon and sausage sandwiches with all proceeds going to the charity. The money that has been donated by Hypnos will help to provide over 90,000 healthy and nutritious breakfasts to children who need them most.


Hypnos’ CSR scheme teaches young people in the community about the benefits of natural fibres, recycling and looking after the environment. It works with many local schools near to its two sites, including St Teresa’s school in Princes Risborough. Each year Hypnos helps to teach their Year 3’s all about bed making and the importance of sleep for a healthy lifestyle.


In fact, Hypnos even involves local schools in its efforts to cut carbon emissions. The company has recently donated 200 trees to Hughenden Primary School in High Wycombe. Not only does this help the environment but it also helps to educate youngsters on the importance of looking after the world around them.


The CSR programme ensures Hypnos’ sustainable ideology is encouraged in local schools and promoted to reach the wider surrounding area.



Hypnos, has committed to filling 40 per cent of its projected 150 jobs over the next five years through apprenticeships. The scheme, which has been running for six years, has recruited many talented people, offering new recruits on-the-job training, ensuring that the company’s traditional skills are not lost and providing the opportunity to move into further education.


Recognising the pivotal role that apprenticeships play in industry, Hypnos has also introduced a ‘pop-up job shop’ which visits secondary schools to help to educate youngsters about the exciting and engaging job opportunities available in the manufacturing industry.




As a conscientious business, Hypnos will continue with its CSR efforts throughout 2018 and beyond, ensuring it continues to be a responsible employer and ethical company in all the areas in which it operates.


For more information about Hypnos please visit


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