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Gemma Andrews did not go to university, yet has still achieved above and beyond what a lot of Bradfordians (especially women) can only dream of. She is so driven that she has never stopped working day and night, and didn’t take maternity leave when having her first child.

Mrs. Andrews tries to put all the elements of her own personality into the business. She goes above and beyond to help absolutely anyone and does everything she possibly can for them, regardless of whether they are strangers, loved ones, and even people who have hurt her or not believed in her. And she uses the business to practise this at every possible opportunity.

All aspects of the company are as ethical, fair and generous as possible ( we use the most ethical suppliers we can, recyclable packaging, recycling all waste, donating all unneeded food and more).

Our entire team is constantly being commended for excellent customer service, good packaging, quality products, and goodwill gestures such as no-quibble refunds and replacement items, free gifts, plus surprises and incentives for customers. Incentives are also used to encourage charitable donations to various causes via marketing channels.

  • See Instagram post on raising awareness for #WorldCancerDay here:

Both Gemma and her company are fantastic role models and inspiration for the community, especially to young people and women who are struggling in school or with their own personal troubles.

Videos of our Founder talking about Superfood Market: 

  • Linnworks:
  • Sage:

A sample of customer reviews and testimonials:

Since a Marketing team was introduced in January 2018:
Revenue has increased by over 900%, showing that when the products are put in front of the target audience at the right time, they will buy.

In less that three months, one standalone marketing channel has generated over £21,000.

I have worked on the brand, message, and mission with Gemma Andrews since conception of the business idea. We teamed up to create a brand that people could relate to, respect, have fun with, pay attention to, and take trusted advice from in terms of their health, environment and lifestyle.

This was done through the products and customer services before I took on a full time Marketing role, however now Gemma and I are working together to create the fully humanised brand that is active, interesting and engaging on social media.

Gemma Andrews has been my business mentor for almost 6 years. She inspired me to start my own successful business, and watching her leadership with our team is invigorating.

  • She has overcome significant adversity (and then some!) to get to where she has
  • She is unconditionally generous, loving and forgiving to a point that most people who know her wish they had her courage and talent
  • She inspires everyone around her
  • She became a multimillionaire, practically overnight while working for a job that most professionals would struggle to handle on its own
  • She is an extremely talented business woman, and is constantly striving to achieve more and more, and constantly succeeding.

I believe Gemma is superhuman. The details given here are just the tip of the iceberg to describe how much of a wonderful human being, brilliant business woman, and amazing friend, colleague, superior and mentor she is.

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