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The Tagline Operating system or TOS digitizes all Tagline operational and work processes from client acquisition to project closure. The system has then evolved to include Finance, HR and Employee Relations providing a central nexus for all employees to collaborate and cooperate.

The central purpose of the Tagline Operating System is to digitize all business processes of the company thereby effectively standardizing the different processes needed by the agency while at the same time minimizing the opportunities for human error to happen.

The objectives of TOS are the following:

Company Objectives:

  1. To create a single point of collaboration for all employees that unifies and connects all business tasks and departments through a central hub.
  2. To provide employees with a unified digital workspace where they can collaborate in real time and from any location. The objective is to design a workspace that is user-friendly and paperless while intuitive.

Employee Objectives:

  1. To allow employees to remove guess work from processes by simply accessing the system that guides them through a digital path on the different tasks they are called to perform per project.
  2. To allow employees to collaborate seamlessly while identifying champions for each task ensuring accountability in the process.

The TOS system has been in constant evolution since day one and has transformed into an advanced business process system that is unique for a company the size of Tagline. This has allowed Tagline to have a competitive edge in the industry driven by consistent client servicing. TOS takes the guesswork out of business processes and makes the entire experience consistent eliminating errors of processes that lead to unsatisfactory customer service.

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The TOS system’s major impact was how it digitized and standardized all Tagline business processes. In the service industry wherein the different Tagline Group companies compete in, consistency in the customer service experience is a value that most clients and business partners look for. The company observed that unsatisfactory customer experience comes not from a lack of process but in the human capacity to forget the process or short cut it. When the process is open to interpretation, there is a high risk of unsatisfactory or inconsistent customer experience.

The impact of the TOS system is as follows:

1. Consistent and timely execution of the different business processes of the company. The digitization of the processes through the TOS system allowed employees to remove guesswork as they manage the different processes of their project. Since all processes related to the business from client acquisition, project management, project expense management, vendor management, billing and collection, sales reporting, HR management and administration are integrated in the system employees have a step by step guide on what to do. Furthermore, the system restricts the ability of the employee to cut steps from the system or short circuit it through negligence or forgetfulness. This created a fail-safe process loop that ensures that every time tested process of the company is respected therefore minimizing the risk of human error.

2. Client satisfaction has improved. Tagline processes are designed to ensure the success of each project and the satisfaction of our clients. The TOS system protects both the complete and timely execution of these processes allowing staff to remove the guess work required in process execution and focus on the quality of their work. This has allowed for a consistency in the client servicing experience leading to better client satisfaction scores.

3. Reduction in wasted man-hours due to uncontrolled environmental factors. The ability to access information anytime and anywhere brought about the decrease in unnecessary hours spent on traveling back to the office just to accomplish tasks or put up information for other users. TOS allows its users to avail and utilize information in a timely manner without having to wait for the source to physically be present.

 The TOS system is the first digital process hub created by a local Philippine company. TOS was created by Tagline as part of its commitment to innovation. The innovations that the TOS introduced includes:

  1. Real access for employees to pertinent information and processes
  2. Historical data allowing the company and employees to study business trending
  3. Elimination of paper waste and minimizing risk of loss of paper documents by eliminating the need for paper work through this digital workspace.
  4. Innovative way to transition from resigning employees to new hires via the availability of all pertinent data to a project.
  5. Centralized monitoring of the progress of the different projects of the company as well as push button reports on the real time financial health of the company at any moment.

Today’s business environment puts a focus on a consistent customer experience. Customer experience comes via a consistent application of processes. When the process is digitized and automated, this minimizes the risk of human errors in the implementation of these business processes. Freeing the staff from the burden of memorizing long processes allows them to focus their energies on creative problem solving and comprehensive customer service. The TOS system can be a model for other companies to automate their processes so that employees can focus the majority of their energies where it is needed: Creative problem solving for our clients.

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