[callout1] The Open Peer Awards consist of three award categories – Corporate Responsibility, Customer Engagement and People & Performance.

Each of the three categories comprises a number of sub-categories that are confirmed shortly before the conference, each of which should have between three and six shortlisted finalists.

At the Awards Ceremony we declare a winner for each category and each sub-category, for each of the main sectors represented, and for each judging criterion. There is also an award for the overall winner.[/callout1]

Three categories
The three categories each have their own special conference day where the entries are judged, each has its own section in the supplement in The Independent, each will have its own section at The Times website, and each has its own winner and sub-category winners.

Proposed sub-categories
These are the likely sub-categories within each category.

Corporate Responsibility

Business Awareness for the Community

Education of the Community

Giving to the Community

Responsible Customer Service

Sustainability &
the Environment

Customer Engagement

Customer Service

Customer Service Development


Technology for Customer Service

Voice of the Customer

People & Performance

Customer Service Training

Employee Engagement

Internal Communications

Recruitment, Talent & Leadership

Staff Development

Technology for People & Performance


We also plan to award the outstanding finalist from each of these sectors, where we have at least three different companies shortlisted. Finalists can be considered independent of the award category for which they were shortlisted.
* Financial Services
* IT & Communications
* Professional Services
* Public
* Retail
* Utilities

Judging Criteria
There is an award for the outstanding finalist in each of the three judging criteria…
* Impact
* Innovation
* Inspiration

Further detail

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    Changes may be made to the above in the lead-up to the conference.