“Engaging with and Empowering Employees, Customers and Communities”

 Your initiative that was nominated for a Peer Award is in this new book for business due to be published as a paperback at Amazon.
This is an exciting opportunity for your innovative work to be celebrated and shared in a very special publication.
Special because of the sheer number of inspirational case studies featured
and because of the ground-breaking inclusion of video that plays on the reader’s mobile.

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How the book looks

This flip-book below shows Chapter 1 (“Empowering Women”), with explanatory pages at the start/end plus comments throughout that describe how the book can work for you.
Each of the 13 chapters of articles follow a similar format.

Who else is in the book 

The book includes almost 100 companies with over 100 initiatives across 13 chapters, all listed in this TOC. Most have around a half-page of text but some have a double-page spread, frequently with their video embedded in the text.

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[flipbook pdf="https://thepeerawards.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Book-1.0-sample.pdf" width="500"]

Digital content can be updated even after the book is printed

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[flipbook pdf="https://thepeerawards.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Book-1.0-TOC.pdf" width="500"]

This relates to just the finalists’ articles in the book

See how video in the book looks!

An innovation of this book is the use of QR codes to better engage the interest of the reader – with video that appears on the printed page thanks to the magic of augmented reality, with designed-for-mobile animated Google Web Stories, and with interactivity through links to the Peer Awards website.

Here is an example of a video embedded in a double-page spread.
Just scan the image with your mobile camera (you may need a QR reader installed),
click the link to our website and then press ‘Launch’ on the orange panel.
After a few seconds the video should play, as it does on the printed page.

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