Section Numbering
Number and sub-number the sections – both in the Table of Contents & in the text

Move Section Quote
It would be more consistent if the full-page quote that accompanies a new chapter is on a right-hand page, facing the author’s introduction to the chapter, instead of being on a left-hand page pacing the chapter header

Chapter Introductions
Include these with their own section numbering in the Table of Contents




In the draft the chapter introduction tells a story and its then followed by individual stand-alone sections on each entry. Instead take the reader through a journey as they read a chapter, so that the individual entries form part of that journey. This can mean identifying say three key points to be made in a chapter and the author’s insights explaining these along the way with entries being used for illustration.

It follows that each chapter in the Table of Contents will list the key points, and then possibly refer to the companies that are featured in each one. 


Use QR codes instead of zap codes, as these work equally well and so not require the reader to download any app. This means that readers and people browsing the book will be more likely to engage, especially as QR codes become more commonplace.


In the book
Include an update from featured finalists where they are engaging with and empowering people differently as a result of the epidemic

In the app
Include recordings of conversations between some of these finalists.