Outsourcing the preparation of your Peer Awards entries to our Concierge Service
gives you more time for yourself and the confidence of being nominated

Our experts identify and prepare your Peer Awards submissions on your behalf to the standard required for nomination. So with the Concierge Service you can be assured that your innovative initiatives get nominated without spending all the time and effort normally associated with entering an award. Instead of you writing the entries we develop and compile pre-nominated entries on your behalf.

We discuss with you all relevant initiatives and advise on those that may be well suited to be Peer Award entries
Please express your interest in having a conversation with us to explore this option here

You send us all relevant content and purchase the Concierge Service option
Each separate company/award combination requires its own Concierge Service

We review the material and then
– for the Concierge Full-Acknowledgement Service (for maximum coverage and assurance of receiving the Commitment to Excellence award) we verify all of your viable Peer Awards entries
– for the Concierge Confirmed-Award Service (to be assured of the Commitment to Excellence award) we verify your three strongest entries
– for the Concierge Individual-Entry Service (for help with just a single entry) we verify your single strongest Peer Awards entry

For those we can nominate straight away we prepare entries and nominate them.
For the Concierge Full-Acknowledgement Service we also consider preparing/nominating further of your identified entries after the award entry deadline

You are able to edit nominated entries until the day before the shortlists are announced

What to Submit

Gather together all the (English language) content that you have that we can include in each entry for a Peer Award. This can be in the form of text, images and videos (with English subtitles if required) that are either already online and for which you provide web addresses in a document, or that are in files on your computer. This all gets sent to us.

The material should all relate to programmes that have been implemented, improved or completed within 2016-20. The programmes can have ended in this time period, or they can still be ongoing, but will need to be sufficiently mature to demonstrate impact.

Place the individual files from your computer and the document that lists links to online materials in a compressed file and send this to us via the wetransfer website.

Deadlines & Fees

The Concierge Service requires us to invest a great deal of our attention, time and effort on your behalf.

At our initial Concierge Service conversation with you we will be able to give you a quote for this option, which will depend in part on whether you want the Concierge Full-Acknowledgement, Confirmed-Award or Individual-Entry Service, on how near we are to the awards entry deadline and on our workload at the time.

Please express your interest in having a conversation with us to explore this option here

Getting Started

We will confirm your order when we have received your content (sufficient material from which we can prepare your entries) and (proof of) payment. Both should include a reference to the company/award that they relate to, so we can connect them. Please state as a reference with your content and your payment confirmation:
“company name / CR / Concierge Service” for Corporate Responsibility
“company name / CE / Concierge Service” for Customer Engagement
“company name / PP / Concierge Service” for People & Performance

For example: use “British Talcum / PP / Full-Acknowledgement” as a reference

To confirm that you are taking the service email us (after our initial conversation) with the following details:

Email Subject

“Concierge Service”

Email text

for each [company name] [which Peer award] [which Concierge Service]:

The link for the content is: [the link given you by wetransfer]

Confirmation of payment: include as text or as attachment details of your transfer to our bank