Your own Peer Awards can be for one category, or for a suite of categories.

A category is for say six finalists, or it can comprise a number of sub-categories each of which has between three and six shortlisted finalists.

At your awards ceremony you declare a winner for each category and sub-category.

Your categories
Which areas of your business would you want your Peer Awards to encourage and celebrate? We encourage you to seek out real-world success stories with a spark of innovation that can inspire your conference audience, and that represent key strengths of your organisation.
This will result in The your company name Peer Award for Excellence in category
Select a category that reflects a core theme of your organisation; something that you wish to be seen to champion and that your candidates should to aspire to.

Proposed sub-categories
Consider each category and list specific issues within each that represent something you would want your Peer Awards to acknowledge, and that could each attract a handful of really good entries. Each of these sub-categories will attract its own Peer Award.

Judging Criteria
We suggest that you invite your conference audience to assess each finalist’s entry that they hear in terms of the same three judging criteria that we use in the Open Peer Awards…
* Impact
* Innovation
* Inspiration