The uniquely engaging & exciting 2020 Peer Awards for Excellence, where finalists are also judges and feature in our upcoming book at Amazon, are now closed for entry

in Corporate Responsibility


These are the shortlists and winners for this 2020 Peer Award for Excellence.

The winner in each category was the one that most peer judges wanted to see receive this accolade.

Any finalist that is not a winner but has an entry that received a strong rating for innovation from the judges received an Award for Innovation for their strongest performing entry.

A “2020 Peer Award for Commitment to Excellence in Corporate Responsibility” has been awarded to DP World, Marsh, TANAP and an (undisclosed) Saudi Arabian industrial company for having three or more entries nominated.

Finalists inspire fellow professionals in other industry sectors and geographical regions by sharing their successful initiatives and innovative ideas online at this website and in a book that will be available at Amazon.

The following is the process that applied for the 2020 Peer Awards:

1. The Awards
are Peer Awards for Corporate Responsibility, for Customer Engagement and for People & Performance. Each award has its own dedicated page at this website and you can click an another award to read about the categories, deadlines, fees and entries from past years. We also present “Commitment to Excellence” awards to any company with at least three new nominated entries.

2. Entering
you sign-up we create your own personalised dashboard where you draft then submit an entry (or entries), with various options available for assistance from us; or with our Concierge Service it is us that draft your entries on your behalf, saving you time and assuring you of nomination for your suitable initiatives. Your entry should demonstrate impact in a target community and feature something innovative or creative about what has been done or how it has been done. Your entry can have as much or as little text as you like, pictures and one or two videos.

3. Being Nominated
like to nominate any entry that we believe has a chance of winning. Being nominated means that your entry will go forward for judging by fellow professionals, that it will feature in one or more shortlists for a Peer Award (subject to confirmation by the judges) and may therefore win one or more Peer Awards, and that it will be included in the Peer Awards Book. If your entry is nominated you may use a special “Peer Awards Finalist” e-button.

4. Peer Judging
A feature of the Peer Awards is that nominated entries are judged by fellow finalists. As a finalist you are invited to review online a selection of other entries for the same award, which involves possibly asking questions, rating each entry for impact and innovation and providing feedback if you wish. You then vote for the entry (other than your own) that you would like to see win.

5. The Winners
Category Winners are announced at a sumptuous champagne afternoon cream tea awards ceremony in London where they are presented with custom-engraved plaques. Recipients of “Commitment to Excellence” Awards (companies with at least three new entries nominated for an award) receive special signed framed certificates. Winners and finalists that do not attend can be mailed their plaques/certificates. If your entry is a category winner you may use a special “Peer Awards Winner” e-button; if it qualifies for a Commitment to Excellence award you can use a “Peer Awards Commitment to Excellence Award” e-button.

6. The Book
We will next year include every 2020 Peer Awards finalist (plus a selection from past years) in the Book we plan to print and make available at Amazon. This represents an exciting acknowledgement on a respected global platform that you can link to and keep, enabling us to celebrate your success alongside other innovative initiatives from many respected companies.

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The Ceremony

The ceremony on 28 February 2020 was a champagne afternoon cream tea at Fortnum & Mason where all the finalists were acknowledged and the winners were announced and celebrated.



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