This is your submission to the 2015 Peer Awards for Excellence.

We are now shortlisting all submissions that select a Finalist Pack (i.e. not the standby pack) as they come in, and so shortlists for some sub-categories could close at any time.

Things to know
1. Your entry should be non-commercial.
If your company has a commercial interest please arrange for a client submission instead.
2. Entry with a Finalists Pack is free.
It is only if and when your entry is shortlisted that fees do apply.
A fee is due at the outset if you choose the budget Standby Pack.

Wondering when to submit? Pressed for time?
The sooner you submit, the sooner you may learn if your entry is shortlisted, and the sooner you can get started preparing for the conference. You can consider this as a two step process.
1. The synopsis you submit here and now is for selection onto the shortlist only. It is very short, you can refine it at any time, and it is not used for judging purposes.
Click here to read about the Shortlisting Process.
2. Judging is of your conference presentation in mid-June.
Click here to read about the Judging Process.

If no form displays above, please use another copy here.