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The Enterprise Award celebrates innovation and excellence within an organisation or across a supplier’s customers, in one or more of the areas covered by the Peer Awards. It does so in exactly the same way as for the standard Peer Awards, but with the focus on just one company and a number of its initiatives.


The Peer Awards are inspirational because finalists review each other’s innovative entries; they are open and democratic in that it is the finalists themselves that are the judges; they are easy to enter as submission and judging are online (which is also why they are global) and as there is no fixed format or length for your entry; they offer exposure in the media but also confidentiality if you prefer; entry is low-risk and the awards ceremony is a celebration of all finalists attending.


In addition the Enterprise Award guarantees that your organisation will be acknowledged and celebrated for at least one of its three+ nominated entries, and offers organisations a new way to engage employees, without much of the hassle normally associated with running an awards.


The Enterprise Award is a feature of the Enterprise Membership

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Enterprise Award Categories

Associate your entries with one or more of these proposed award categories, adjusting the focus of each as you like. When it comes to announcing the shortlists you may find that some category titles have been altered to best suit the entries that are nominated.

In addition three to six of your nominated entries will also be shortlisted for an exclusive award of your own, that can be in your organisation’s name and on a theme of your choosing. This requires no additional work in terms of submitting your entries or their being reviewed and rated by fellow judges.

Who can Enter

For those selecting the Enterprise Award, entries are invited from different internal departments or from suppliers of relevant products and services.

Our one proviso is that any entry not be self-promotional, so that the nominated entries (which are basically case studies) can be presented to fellow professionals (the judges) untarnished by any sales agenda.

Entries should focus on one or more internal initiatives, all of which help present an innovative idea or approach. They can all have taken place within one client organisation, or across a number. An involved supplier can be acknowledged alongside the organisation in whose name the entry is submitted. Alternatively an entry can be in the supplier’s name, in the form of a case study championed by at least one end-user organisation.

Become a Finalist, Win an Award

It is very easy to submit entries to the Peer Awards, and we are keen to nominate any (non-promotional) entry that is clearly expressed, shows an impact in its target community, is doing something different and is likely to interest fellow practitioners (that is the other finalists, who are also the judges).


The deadlines that apply for the Enterprise Award are the same as those that apply for each individual award, because they are judged alongside all other nominated entries at the same time. Please see each Award’s own page (Peer Awards on the menu) for awards of interest. You can fine-tune your entries until the day before judging.


Registering for an Enterprise Award entitles you to submit entries for any of our awards. For each entry you submit you are offered a choice of a free bonus option from the following.
♦ ENTRY FEEDBACK. Feedback on your entry from Boost Marketing before a decision. (Limited Offer; One entry per organisation; Not for existing Boost Marketing clients)
♦ EXPRESS SHORTLISTING. Decision on nomination within a week of submitting entry, rather than waiting until entry deadline.
♦ EXTENDED DEADLINE. A longer time to fine-tune your nominated entry, improving the text and adding visuals.
♦ MEDIA EXPOSURE. 25 words about your nominated entry at the Daily Telegraph online.

The Peer Awards Ceremony

The ceremony planned for June 2018 will again be a champagne afternoon cream tea at a prestigious Central London venue. It is here that all the finalists are acknowledged and the winners announced and celebrated.

New this year is the opportunity to celebrate being a finalist (with a certificate and a photo) at the Awards Ceremony even if your entry is not a winner, and with the Enterprise Award the option to know ahead of booking ceremony places that at least one of your entries is a winner of that award.

Peer Review (Judging)

All finalists are invited to also be judges, and we anticipate that it will also be possible to register just as a judge without submitting any entries, to read, review and rate the nominated entries of interest, asking questions of the other finalists for further information and greater clarity where you wish. You may adjust your ratings later with the benefit of hindsight.