Project Description

This page showcases the overview of the entry of a 2014 Peer Awards for Excellence finalist, which was judged at conference.
Winner of the Customer Service category.

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FINALIST: British Airways with OR Consulting
Entry Title: Extraordinary Client Care by Law Firm
Talk Title: How to make Every Client Feel Like a VIP
Category: Customer Engagement
Sector:  Professional Services
The BFD programme is a culture change initiative within BA. With a premium brand comes high expectations for excellent customer experiences. Whilst pilots’ primary responsibility is the safe operation of the airframe, when they do interact with customers, they have a huge impact, and can significantly enhance the flying experience and brand loyalty.
There are a number of activities that are part of the overall programme. The centerpiece is a two-day development course, provided for all 3,700 BA pilots by an independent firm of corporate psychologists.
The programme is having a definitive and measureable ROI impact.
This focus on extraordinary client care allows our team to form meaningful relationships with clients during extremely difficult times in their lives.

In a traditional, typically old-fashioned industry, we are approachable, down to earth, informal and dedicated to supporting our clients.

This allows clients to reveal personal details to us, to work better with us in preparing their legal cases, and often results in us developing ongoing friendships with clients – something rare in our industry.

We feel that the true innovation we take advantage of is empowering every member of our team to have autonomy to decide what is best for their client.

This can include contacting them using means such as text message or Whatsapp, connecting with clients on social media, sending personal gifts at difficult times or special occasions, meeting with clients and families at venues to suit them, etc.

Our fee earning team each have out of hours numbers and are available to clients 24/7.

Our client care philosophy places each client at the centre of their case. We aim to make every client feel completely supported in their individual circumstances, without ever being rushed or feeling intimidated.

In our busy world, we often forget that sometimes what a client needs most is the permission to tell their story without judgement, the time to ask questions and be answered, and the knowledge that someone is dedicated to doing the best they can for them.