Project Description

This page showcases the overview of the entry of a 2015 Peer Awards for Excellence finalist, which was judged at conference.
Winner for Innovation in Educating Young People and the Utilities sector.

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FINALIST: British Gas
Entry Title: Energy Performance Dance Off Campaign
Talk Title: How to instill Sustainability in Schools
Category: Educating Young People (Corporate Responsibility)
Generation Green is British Gas’s schools programme. The aim is to inspire children to think about being energy efficient at school and home.

Children were challenged to apply learnings from their classroom lesson to design a futuristic eco-school. They also created a dance routine to be performed on a power generating dance floor at a showcase event in London.

The prize was investment in sustainable technology worth up to £500k, with four schools being judged as winners by dance troupe Diversity. Schools are saving up to £7k per year on bills, and 750,000 tonnes of carbon as a result.


“The British Gas Energy Makeover has been a huge success for our school. The savings in energy bills and repair costs have provided valuable funds that will be re-invested and used to benefit the children.

“From the moment we entered, won the competition to the final handover of the technology, British Gas was proactive in leading and carrying out the competition to a very high standard.

“We found that the whole project provided a strong focus for developing an enthusiasm and awareness amongst the children towards the need for efficiency and sustainability in energy use.”

Gillian Barclay, Cambridge Steiner School


For the first time, Arts was incorporated into our STEM based programme. Using an energy generating dance floor, young people could see themselves creating energy through movement.

Visitors entered the event via a timeline pathway detailing energy milestones through the ages. The pathways lead to a ‘Pledge Tree’ where people could make an energy saving promise.

The winners received a bespoke energy makeover, and we installed the latest sustainable technology including solar panels and an interactive monitor to demonstrate how much energy the school uses. Through this, children learn how to be more energy efficient in the classroom


The design included providing classroom materials, a specialist dance teacher and a dedicated schools engagement officer. Simplicity is key in driving schools engagement.

Having an energy makeover as a prize helps to bring to life the real benefits of sustainable technology in a creative way, to help spark the children’s interest. We believe it’s important to think broadly around school programmes, and include sustainable benefits over and above lesson plans.

We designed the programme to engage with the general public, outside of the school environment. This provided significant business benefit, through reaching customers with a wider energy efficiency messages.