Project Description

This page showcases the overview of the entry of a 2015 Peer Awards for Excellence finalist, which was judged at conference.
Winner of the Employee Engagement category.

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Entry Title: Be Amazing Programme
Talk Title: Engaging Our Amazing Employees
Category: Employee Engagement (People & Performance)
IT & Communications
People that are passionate about working for Cisco and feel it’s a great place to work are good for Cisco and its employees.We designed a programme to identify our Cisco advocates; known as our Amazing Ambassadors.

We created ongoing programme of activities around innovation, building community, developing people, celebrating together, inspiring people and generally raising the visibility of the great things that we do here – making people proud to work for Cisco

The Be Amazing programme assures employees that this level of engagement is ongoing and that we will continue to focus on their engagement and wellbeing.

Be Amazing makes a difference to employees by making them feel valued, proud, empowered, part of a community and that Cisco is a great place to work.Raising the profile of some of the great things we already do around technology, STEM skills, innovation, personal development, and to deliver some fantastic employee engagement events such as Bring Your Kids to Work and the summer community events.

This benefits Cisco by having passionate, positive, energetic, well informed employees who want to go above and beyond expectations. 150 people have signed up to be ambassadors supporting the Be Amazing activities.

We maintained the buzz of our London 2012 employee engagement programme by developing a regular ongoing programme of diverse activities to energise our employees, focussing on the mind, body and community; creating a team of ambassadors to promote these activities and aligning employees to members of our Country Leadership Board (CLB) for communication purposes.Our employees now feel proud to work for Cisco because they are more aware of the amazing things Cisco does, have opportunities to celebrate with each other and talk to their friends about what we do and realise that this isn’t so in many other companies.
The best advert for a company is its employees and Cisco has great people. Many who believe Cisco is a great place to work.We identified these people and created a group of ambassadors whose role it is to support Be Amazing by promoting its activities with their local communities.

Inspired and empowered employees to: organise local events, suggest focus topics, such as Mental Health, as part of our Health & Wellbeing activities.

Providing employees who think differently to have a common goal. To create amazing experiences for everyone – colleagues, teams, managers, customers and communities we live in.