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This page showcases the overview of the entry of a 2015 Peer Awards for Excellence finalist, which was judged at conference.

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FINALIST: Eversheds
Entry Title: Coaching Scheme
Talk Title: How we Introduced and Delivered our Coaching Scheme
Category: Nurturing Talent (People & Performance)
Professional Services
Our coaching scheme is a key channel of the people strategy.

It supports everyone in continually developing their knowledge and expertise and builds engagement across the business. It has impact on priorities for us including business development, developing client relationships, accelerating personal development, building relationships across our international network and supporting our diversity strategy.

It has made a positive change to the DNA at Eversheds. The flexibility of the programme meets the need to support a much wider range of development needs than could ever be accommodated by a comprehensive programme of training interventions.



With over 300 coaching relationships in place, and over 120 partners trained to use coaching, the impact of the scheme on our strategic priorities has been significant.

Coaching supports our agenda around growth, international consolidation, business development and retention of key talent and is strengthening relationships internally and externally.

One coachee reports “it is the best thing I have ever done professionally”. The scheme receives excellent feedback. The coaches feel they are giving something back and learning more about the wider firm. For Eversheds, the scheme provides an opportunity to meet development needs on a very individual and flexible basis.


We have introduced coaching schemes in the past with varying degrees of success. This time, using Moller to help and deliver the coaching input for us, we ensured our partner coaching pool was well-trained to support the integrity of the scheme.

We positioned coaching as inclusive – available to all roles and in all locations and firmly rooted in our business strategy. Partner coaches were available outside the line manager relationship, benefitting the coachee and facilitating international relationships more easily, linking up individuals who otherwise would not have had the chance to work with each other.


Our quotes from coachees and coaches speak for themselves.

By making coaching available to anyone in the business, we have changed the perception that it is a remedial intervention, to one where it is recognised as a key career development tool. By offering it at key points e.g. career transition and promotion, to support work/life balance, we have seen motivation improve, careers flourish and coachees reporting significant increase in confidence and skills.

Whilst touching people in many ways, the scheme has been a strategic intervention and demonstrated business results, helping to transform the performance of individuals and teams.