Project Description

This page showcases the overview of the entry of a 2015 Peer Awards for Excellence finalist, which was judged at conference.
Winner of the Nurturing Talent category.

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FINALIST: Reader Offers
Entry Title: The Cruise Academy of Excellence
Talk Title: The Cruise Academy of Excellence
Category: Nurturing Talent (People & Performance)

In 2009 we launched ‘The Cruise Academy of Excellence’. We affirmed that being successful is about more than making profit.

While a company can be profitable, there are additional measures by which success can be recognised.

We are continually focussed on motivating and developing our staff. We truly value their needs and as a result we are committed to achieving maximum job satisfaction through personal success.

With each prosperous year we have shared since the launch of the Cruise Academy of Excellence, we ensure staff are recognised for their personal achievements at our annual awards ceremony. We believe the merit within each individual should shine and we invite them to be recognised for being truly exceptional.


Since the inception of the program in 2009 ‘The Cruise Academy of Excellence’ has had an incredibly powerful impact on both the engagement and general morale of ROL’s employees.

The scheme allows our company to convey how much each individual is valued as an employee.

Every member of staff at ROL now is provided with a clear structure that allows them to deliver against criteria in relation to their own career progression. This not only provides the individuals with a clear vision, as to how to drive their career forward, but from a company perspective we have seen a dramatic increase in the promotion of internal applicants for more senior roles.


At Reader Offers we have recognised that our continued growth and success is down to the high calibre of staff we are fortunate to employ.

We pride ourselves on being a forward thinking and innovative employer – we constantly strive to utilise technology to help us achieve this goal. Our Cruise Academy is administered using a system that has been developed to aid the identification of staff opportunities and provide accurate reporting against key metrics.

By identifying and supporting individuals learning objectives we have been able to help our staff realise their potential in the workplace more effectively than ever before.


The ROL Cruise Academy was conceived to address the perception that the company was indistinguishable from its competitors; we wanted something that differentiated us from the rest!

Our brand, and its reputation, is fundamental to the ongoing success of ROL. By enabling a program that raised the standards of staff training, knowledge and engagement levels we are well positioned to continue growing our market share.

We strive to create a dynamic working environment that is both enjoyable and productive but also one that engenders a sense of joint achievement when ROL exceeds customer expectations.