Project Description

This page showcases the overview of the entry of a 2015 Peer Awards for Excellence finalist, which was judged at conference.

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Entry Title: Sky Academy
Talk Title: TV, Creativity and Sport unlocking Young People’s Potential
Category: Developing Potential (Corporate Responsibility)
Sector:  IT & Communications
Sky Academy uses the power of TV, creativity and sport to help young people unlock their potential.Launched in 2013, Sky Academy aims to support one million young people build practical skills and experience by 2020.

Providing opportunities from primary school through to those starting out in their careers, we’re using our expertise in media and technology, linking up with schools and bringing together inspirational role models to help set young people on a path to success.

Sky Academy is all part of Sky’s approach to building a more durable business for the long term and positively contributing to society.

Sky Academy is a set of initiatives using the power of TV, creativity and sport to help one million young people unlock their potential by 2020.

Developed with educational advisors, we’re helping them develop the practical skills and experience needed to succeed.

Our results, measured by independent researchers, show improvements in participants e.g. almost 70% of those visiting Sky Academy Skills Studios reported new skills and teachers report over 90% of those joining Sky Academy’s Sky Sports Living for Sport are more confident.

Our research also shows that awareness of Sky Academy makes our customers feel better about Sky.

Sky Academy is unique because, in developing each initiative, we’ve been single-minded about using our businesses strengths and innovation ethos to address a social need.

For example, our research for Sky Academy Careers Lab showed young people have limited insight into the skills employers require or career opportunities available. Many businesses were already providing skills like CV writing. We wanted to help build skills like teamwork, resilience and confidence which we know employers also look for.

A series of interactive challenges based on real scenarios in Sky’s business help young people develop their skills and learn about careers opportunities available.

Sky Academy can provide inspiration to others because it’s built on principles which can be applied to any brand. These are our learnings about what has worked well:
• We identified the social need and worked with educational specialists
• We’re making the most of our brand and our strengths in media and technology
• We made it easy for our people to be involved from the start
• We’ve been measuring the impact of what we do in line with our objectives
• We’ve used the voices of the people who have taken part in Sky Academy to tell the story of their experience.