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This page showcases the overview of the entry of a 2015 Peer Awards for Excellence finalist, which was judged at conference.
Winner of the IT & Communications sector.

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Entry Title: Sky Rainforest Rescue
Talk Title: Sky Rainforest Rescue – working together to help save 1bn trees
Category: Educating the Community (Corporate Responsibility)
IT & Communications
Sky Rainforest Rescue, Sky’s partnership with WWF, has raised £9m to help save one billion trees in the Amazon. We’re working with local government and communities in Brazil to identify new market opportunities for sustainable forest products and engage with governments and international bodies to address the causes of deforestation.By combining WWF’s trusted reputation in working to protect the environment with Sky’s ability to inspire and engage people on issues that matter, we have been able to reach into over 11.5m customer homes, accelerating the results achieved on the ground and showcasing them here in the UK and Ireland for everyone to understand.

Sky Rainforest Rescue, Sky’s partnership with WWF, has raised £9m to help save one billion trees in the Amazon.We’re working with local government and communities in Brazil to make the trees worth more alive than dead. 1,600 local farmer families have signed up to our sustainable farming scheme, which has helped increase their income while enabling them to access new markets and get a fairer price for sustainable products, whilst committing not to deforest.

As a result of the project 7.3m people in the UK and Ireland have an increased awareness of deforestation. 48% of customers and 30% prospect customers feel more favourable towards Sky.

Our aim was to communicate with the public about the Amazon, deforestation and climate change and bring it to life in fun, innovative, inspiring ways, as these are issues people struggle to identify with being so far away.Our TV programming has brought the Amazon new audiences. With the Forestry Commission, we created six Amazon Discovery Trails at sites across England and created a wild rubber exhibit with the Eden Project.

We’ve engaged over five million people with our innovative digital campaigns and created a free education initiative for primary schools using fun, rainforest-themed activities -75,000 children have taken part.

The strategic partnership between Sky, WWF and the Acre State Government has enabled Sky Rainforest Rescue to become an on-the-ground example of how a business, government and NGO can bring a REDD+ project to life.The partnership has enabled us to raise awareness, funds and engage stakeholders with positive examples of sustainable rainforest-friendly solutions to deforestation. As well as making 21m individuals aware of the Sky Rainforest Rescue in the UK, 90% of Sky staff are aware of the partnership and 55% understand deforestation.

1.2m people in the UK say that they’ve changed their behaviour as a result of Sky Rainforest Rescue.