Invitation to participate in the Peer Awards and feature in our book
Great acknowledgment for you.

Your accepted entries are featured in print in the next edition of
the “Engaging with” book and are nominated for (and possibly end up winning) a coveted 2023 Peer Award for Excellence.

For peace of mind and
in what we believe to be a further innovation for awards,

we confirm your entry’s acceptance to you before you commit to participate, thereby removing the usual risk of wasting time working on an entry that possibly might not even get nominated.
There are no fees for entering the Peer Awards and appearing in the book as such.
Instead you take a few copies of the next edition of the book in which you feature to share amongst your clients, colleagues and contacts, thereby helping spread the ideas.

How it works, in 3 RISK-FREE steps Hover over a box for details

1. Propose your initiatives/ideas

Your Ideas

Without obligation tell us your thoughts on, or how you go about, engaging with and empowering people in your organisation, amongst your customers or across communities.

We will come back to you shortly identifying those initiatives/ideas we believe would be of most interest to your peers in our network. You can then decide with which you would wish to proceed.

2. Submit entries

Order & Entries

After you have confirmed your order, describe your entries with text, images, PDFs and video/podcast at our ideas platform.

So long as you meet our entry requirements your submissions will be shortlisted.

Your entries will feature in the next edition of our book.

3. Judging & Celebration

Acknowledged & Celebrated

Help us determine the winners by evaluating the entries of your fellow finalists and expressing your views (in confidence) on them.

Your initiatives/idead will be acknowledged in the next edition of the book and you will be celebrated in person at our special combined “Awards Ceremony & Book Launch” in London.


with copies of the book

If your idea is of interest and you pre-order copies of the book, then:

Your entry when complete will be nominated on the shortlist for a Peer Award for Excellence and will feature in the book

You will be invited to be a Peer Awards judge and to attend our “Awards Ceremony & Book Launch”, where, if declared a winner, you will be presented with a plaque

Key facts about the process


What you can submit

Entries can come in different forms.

It could be that you have implemented an initiative, which can still be ongoing, that engages with and/or empowers people. Or it could be an idea, a strategy, or a piece of research, about making a difference in this way.

Or you may just have an inspirational video/podcast on this for us to include alongside the next edition of the book.


For proposals and for applications

We need all the entries finalised in time for the judging to take place before the end of 2022.

We expect to map out the chapters of the book based on the entries that have been submitted and to then encourage people to have completed their proposals by the end of the next month, and their actual entries by the end of the next.


About the money

For your idea (that is of interest) to be assured of inclusion just pre-order the requisite books (featuring your entry).

There are no separate fees for being shortlisted, being in the book, or attending the Awards Ceremony & Book Launch.
Optional extras are available, each individually priced.


Who can enter

Your entry is typically in the name of your organisation.

An entry can be anonymous, but the organisation would be acknowledged at the celebratory event if a winner.

An entry cannot be in the name of a provider of commercial services in that award category.

Awards Ceremony

Also the Book Launch

A glitzy celebration based around a traditional English afternoon champagne cream tea at a prestigious Central London location. Due to take place in (a hopefully pandemic-free) early 2023.

There is no fee for your first place. 

This could be a virtual event if circumstances warrant


Commercial participation

Whilst it is not possible to submit promotional entries, vendors can participate through client initiatives that refer to their product or service within their spread article in the book, or their own initiatives for award categories where they do not have a commercial presence and without mentioning their products or services.

And they can participate with concept videos that relate to their area of business activity, but that again do not refer to their products/services.

Optional Extras


We help get your entries accepted

With this service, we consider your entries on receipt and advise you about what is still needed (if this is the case) for your entry to be shortlisted, and how we feel it could be improved to have a greater impact.


We prepare your entries for you

Ideal when just too busy to participate
We consider all your material and suggest good entries; we create those you wish to proceed with on your behalf so that they are nominated. You may then edit these before submission.


A guaranteed award for your company

A special award for having three entries nominated for an award category, even if none is an award winner.
Presented on a complimentary basis at the Award Ceremony


Additional text in the book

You may arrange for your entry to have twice the normal amount of text (a page worth), or to have its own dedicated spread, an option that also acts as a gateway to a range of special add-ins, such as images and video.


Your picture in your article in the book

If you take the option for a spread on your entry in the book, one of the pages may be your image illustrating some aspect of the initiative, or a key individual responsible for the initiative, with a caption.


Your media alongside the book

Your video/podcast can appear on the chapter’s digital media page. If you take the option for a spread on your entry in the book, it can have its own dedicated media page with your video, podcast and pdf content.


Plaques and Certificates

In addition to the engraved plaques and framed certificates that we present, you can elect to receive larger or additional ones or trophies for having been nominated. We also plan to offer framed presentations of a company’s article in the book.

Fees will be published nearer the time.


Order more books at discount
5 @ £100 [£20 each]
10 @ £180 [£18]
25 @ £400 [£16]
50 @ £700 [£14]
100 @ £1,250 [£12.50 half-price]



A report on how your entries performed

We can provide you with a report that shows in detail how well your entries performed against others, and that includes all the feedback that the judges gave for your entries.

Available soon after the Awards Ceremony, it also gives an overview of how other entries performed this year.