Invitation to participate in the awards and the book
Great acknowledgement for you entries in the “Engaging with” book and possibly winning a Peer Award

For peace of mind you can confirm if your entries would be accepted before you commit to participate

There are no fees as such. Participation and exposure are covered by taking copies of the next edition of the book in which you feature

How it works, in 3 steps Hover over a box for details

1. Your Ideas

Your Ideas

With no obligation, tell us how you engage with and empower people

We will come back to you shortly about your ideas and initiatives that we believe would be of most interest and you can then decide exactly how you would like to proceed

2. Entries & Judging

Entries & Judging

Explain your best ideas knowing they will be shortlisted and in the book, and decide on the number of copies of the book you would be taking

Help us determine the winning entries and say something about those that inspire you

3. Acknowledged & Celebrated

Acknowledged & Celebrated

Your ideas will be discussed in the next edition of our paperback, in some depth and possibly with video

The most highly rated ideas are celebrated at our Awards Ceremony where you meet and talk online with your fellow finalists

The 3 different packs


No Fee

Submit your entry for the possibility of a 2021 Peer Award for Excellence (with a comp. place at the online Awards Ceremony) and of a listing in the next “Engaging with” book (includes being at the virtual Book Launch).

The decision on inclusion is late-on in the shortlisting process.

One such entry is offered free of charge to readers of the current edition of the “Engaging with” book (available at Amazon),, or for a £50 admin fee.


On a shortlist and in the book

Tell us your ideas and submit your entry in the knowledge you will be shortlisted for a Peer Award for Excellence (including a place at the Awards Ceremony) and have an article in the next edition of the book (including a place at the Book Launch).

All that is required is to pre-order around ten copies (one free if you have the current edition) of the next edition of the book (in which you feature) for each entry, for which budget a few hundred pounds.


On a shortlist and featured prominently in the book

As for the Priority pack, but you get far greater exposure in the next edition of the book, with a double-page feature, plus possibly your video and PDF displayed on the readers’ mobiles alongside.

All that is required for each entry is that you pre-order around fifty copies (one free if you have the current edition) of the next edition of the book (in which you feature) from us, for which you should budget a few thousand pounds.

Key facts about the process


What you can submit

Entries can come in different forms.

It could be that you have implemented an initiative, which can still be ongoing, that engages with and/or empowers people. Or it could be an idea, a strategy, or a piece of research, about making a difference in this way.

Or you may just have an inspirational video on this for us to include in the next edition of the book.


For proposals and for applications

We need all the entries finalised in time for the judging, the Awards Ceremony and the Book Launch to all take place before the end of the year.

We expect to map out the chapters of the book based on the entries that have been submitted and to then encourage people to have completed their proposals by the end of the next month, and their actual entries by the end of the next.


About the money

For your idea (that is of interest) to be assured of inclusion just pre-order the next edition of the “Engaging with” book, in which it features. There are no specific fees for being shortlisted, being in the book, or attending the Awards Ceremony or Book Launch.

Readers of the book might get shortlisted without pre-ordering books.
Optional extras are available, each individually priced.


Who can enter

Your entry is typically in the name of your organisation.

With the Showcase pack it can alternatively be in the name of the CEO (with a quote), can reference the title of the initiative, and can name key partners. All this can also be in the associated video/pdf.

At the other extreme, the entry can be anonymous.


Virtual yet Engaging

Enjoy lively conversation with finalists for the same award category at the Awards Ceremony, and with others in the same chapter as yourself at the Book Launch, and at the same time enjoy the celebratory aspects of these online events. There is no fee for a finalist place at each.

Regular Peer Circles offer peer conversations with other readers of the book on topics of common interest.

Vendors & Sponsors

Commercial participation

Whilst it is not possible to submit entries that are promotional, vendors can participate through client entries with a Showcase pack that can refer to their products or services.

A vendor that pre-orders a substantial number of books can have their own chapter in the book. They can sponsor the Awards Ceremony (if not associated with any shortlisted entries) and/or the Book Launch.