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You can always update anything before you submit your entry

2020 Entry
Max 10 words please, ideally without organisation name.
Longer titles will be trimmed down.
Max 25 words please, ideally without organisation name. Longer straplines will be trimmed down.



The award category that offers a best fit for your entry.
The actual category your entry would be shortlisted for (if nominated) could differ from this.


Please check either or both.
Inclusion in the book is offered to nominated (this year or in a previous year) entries only.
The form will request details of this other organisation

Other Organisation

Please use the internet address of the logo (it should end in .png or .jpg or similar) that will be visible to people outside your/their organisation at least until after the end of the awards.
This video explains how to do this if the logo image is currently only on a computer or a company's intranet.


The following information is not published and is seen only by the Peer Awards organisers
An appropriate list of end-dates will display when the start year has been selected
You may need to save this form to see the appropriate list, if you changed the start date
The investment in this initiative from its initial conception to now, excluding elements that would have been required for other reasons anyway, and excluding aspects that do not impact this entry. We may use this when finalising the shortlists to split a popular category into two categories by project size and when evaluating impact ratings.
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