It is very easy to enter for a Peer Award for Excellence.
The whole submission and judging process takes place online, and is clearly explained at each stage.

You can enter for any of these

As an in-house department you can enter any of these awards, and some submissions could suit more than one award or category.
As a vendor or supplier in the category’s area you can submit client entries and gain recognition for your own brand by association.
As an agency (communications, pr etc.) submit client entries but also gain recognition for your brand with your own Communicating Excellence Award entry.

Each award offers a selection of ten categories
You assign your entry to an award category when you submit it. You may submit the same initiative (each time with a different focus) for more than one award and for more than one category, and you may submit different initiatives for the same or different awards and categories.

Register for an entry now

Simply click on the blue REGISTER button below and submit the form that displays
Entries are complete (and ready for judging) when your text has been nominated and your visuals have been added and accepted


Entry Pack
for a single entry

  • [currencyr amount=250 from=gbp to=usd|eur]

    Be nominated by 30 Nov 2016
    Judge the Award

    Your presentation ready by 15 Dec 2016
    Acknowledged at ceremony and website

    Celebrated at ceremony and website
    Summit place is free

    A free Entry Option for each Oct entry



Entry Options

Alongside each entry you may also include any of these seven options
Hover on one to see its price – and one is complimentary with each entry this month

Entry Consultancy

Advice from the Peer Awards on your text and visuals, where appropriate


For the best chance of standing out

£100 ([currencyr amount=100 from=gbp to=usd|eur])

Priority Shortlisting

Nomination decision in a few days, reserving your shortlist place ahead of the pack


For the best chance of being nominated

£100 ([currencyr amount=100 from=gbp to=usd|eur])

Extended Deadline

A fortnight more time to submit your text (by 15 Dec) and add visuals (by 31 Dec)


For the most time to prepare your submission

£100 ([currencyr amount=100 from=gbp to=usd|eur])

Entry Assurance

Submit an alternative entry for one of our core categories if your initial entry is declined


To possibly be shortlisted with an alternative entry

£100 ([currencyr amount=100 from=gbp to=usd|eur])

You could choose one of these three options as your free one, however they apply only (if and) when your entry is nominated

Award Ceremony

A place at the awards ceremony, with a plaque if your entry is a winner

You may book any number of places or your own table

Ceremony Place

To be at the awards ceremony to celebrate being a finalist, possibly a winner as well

£250 ([currencyr amount=250 from=gbp to=usd|eur]) a place

Media Exposure

Your entry title and company name featured at The Times website Peer Awards hub

You may arrange for additional coverage, even your own page

Media Exposure

Giving your brand exposure at The Times website

£250 ([currencyr amount=250 from=gbp to=usd|eur]) for a paragraph

Showcase Page

A dedicated page at our website showcasing your entry and linked to your website

You may add the logos of associated companies

A showcase page

Giving your entry extensive exposure at our website

£250 ([currencyr amount=250 from=gbp to=usd|eur]) for your own page

These terms may be revised from 1 Dec 2016 for registrations received thereafter