Instigating your own internal peer award would enable you to harness the inspirational ideas of your workforce that currently don’t see the light of day, in a way that can help you improve your employee engagement.


Why It’s A Good Idea

Step by Step

  • You Register: Choose the Internal Pack that suits. This determines how we work together with you on this

  • People Enter: With simple text they explain how their initiative is great.

  • Being Nominated as a Finalist: Nominated entries (now with visuals added) go forward for online peer review.

  • Being Shortlisted: At the end of the process you announce the shortlists; we recommend you celebrate all finalists.

  • Be a Winner: The Peer Awards Winners are those that are highest-rated by fellow finalists.

  • Celebration: A big event where the winners are announced and celebrated, and some are invited to speak.