[callout1]Step by Step guide to featuring your entry on LinkedIn[/callout1]

We have created a special group at LinkedIn to showcase Peer Award entries and to host conversations about them. Follow these steps once you have registered with LinkedIn.

If you use Twitter, please also follow the instructions with the icon

1. Go to the LinkedIn group

Click CSR Showcase or HR Showcase to visit the LinkedIn Group that you want.


2. Start a new discussion

Click on the “Start a discussion or share something with the group” box to open it up for editing. We suggest that you create your text in a word processor, and use the word count feature to see the character count (in Microsoft Word this is on the status line at the base of the display).

Include the Twitter hashtag #thepeerawards in this heading, so we can track your posting on Twitter. Although it says that you can key in 200 characters, please limit yourself to 115 (including spaces and the hashtag). This is because we will be linking this heading to Twitter which has a 140 character limit, and we need to allow for the link to LinkedIn that Twitter adds, and for text from any of your contacts that would want to retweet.


3. Describe and link to your submission

Just a couple of sentences in “Add more details” will do fine.

> Your entry has been nominated but not yet confirmed as shortlisted
Include a link to the main http://thepeerawards.com/nominated page at this website both at the start of this text and in the “Attach a Link” (do it in both ways as we find this 2nd way does not always work).

To share updates from LinkedIn to Twitter, check the box next to the Twitter icon. The first time you do this, Twitter will verify your account name and password. Whenever the Twitter box is checked, that update will publish to your Twitter feed.

When you are ready to proceed, press Share.

> When your entry has been confirmed as shortlisted
Return to the LinkedIn group and include a link to your page at this website, again both at the start of this text and in the “Attach a Link”, which you will find in the address bar of your browser. The format is http://thepeerawards.com/12-??? where 12-??? is the unique reference of your entry – e.g. http://thepeerawards.com/12-123. Announce on Twitter as well, as above.

4. See the result

Your posting should appear – please check it is as you would like, and that clicking the heading takes you to your entry at this website.

Also visit your Twitter account and check that this has been posted there.