In our efforts to provide Peer Award nominees and winners with the best support and exposure, we have created a flexible and engaging process with great options. You can specify the mix of services you want at the outset or as they become relevant.

Just click on a service of interest to reveal full info. Fees are included once we have discussed your nominations with you.

Submission Options

If you plan to submit further entries for any of this year’s Peer Awards you can pay the entry fee for each as you go, or you can order a number at the outset if you prefer. Each credit you purchase enables you to submit an entry by the deadline date.

If you achieve at least three nominations for the Corporate Responsibility Peer Award, the Customer Engagement Peer Award or the People & Performance Peer Award, or at least one nomination for each of the three, then your organisation is entitled to be acknowledged with a “Peer Award for Commitment to Excellence”, for which there is no further fee.

It could be that you cannot access our online platform, that you would like us to organise the uploading and embedding of any images, video and pdf files for you, or that you simply prefer to send us all your documentation for us to place on the online platform for you.

The service includes updating your entry on the platform with revisions you may request.

The service also includes supplying you with copies of other nominated entries during the judging phase, and recording your reviews and votes on the platform on your behalf.

Especially if English is not your first language, your entries may well need to be rephrased by someone for whom it is.

In some extreme instances, where the English phrasing is in our view a barrier to understanding the entry, this option can be required in order for entries to be nominated.

Without this option an entry that suffers from poor phrasing could be handicapped by this during judging, or be declined nomination, as is the case with most awards.

Receive a response from us (generally within a week of submitting) about the suitability of your submission(s) for nomination, rather than leave a decision from us about this until the deadline for entries.

  • If we advise you that an entry would not be suitable, we will explain why and give you a credit so you could submit something else instead this year or next ……………………………………………………
  • If it has potential we will provide guidance on what’s needed to have it be nominated and do well ……………………………………………………
  • If your submission is ready it will be nominated ahead of time

Pre-Judging Options

You can of course mention suppliers and other organisations directly involved in a project within the body of your entry.

This option enables an additional brand or brands to be acknowledged alongside the main company behind an entry.

In taking this option we will say that it is from the main company “in association with Company Y” across all mentions of the relevant nominated entries, be this on our website, on the award plaques and in the Book.

Ceremony Options

Places have sold out at the previous two year’s Peer Awards ceremonies, which is where we announce the winners, and so early booking is advised.

The date and location are still to be confirmed for our traditional Champagne Afternoon Cream Tea Ceremony.

Your entries can still be declared winners even if you are not represented at the ceremony, but any plaques you are awarded would then not be presented on a complimentary basis, and you would have no photos to show of your people receiving the award.

Organisations are presented at our awards ceremony with a complimentary (A5 size) plaque for winning an award category, or (A4) framed certificate for winning a judges’ award.

You may order duplicates, certificates for being a finalist (but not a winner), larger sizes (A4 plaques or A3 framed certificates), customisation (for instance including the name of an individual) and (if not attending the ceremony) plaques/certificates to be produced anyway and mailed to you.

Organisations receiving a Commitment to Excellence award at the ceremony (for 3+ nominated entries) are presented with a complimentary framed certificate (A4 size).

You may order additional framed certificates, larger framed certificates (A3), custom framed certificates (for instance including the name of an individual) and (if not attending the ceremony) framed certificates to be mailed to you.

This option can guarantee acknowledgement at the ceremony, at our website and in the Peer Awards Book, unlike other awards that are just competitive.

Post-Ceremony Options

Receive a PDF report after the Awards Ceremony that analyses the scores of each of your entries compared to other ratings, shows how they performed against all other nominated entries, and includes all comments from judges (where we have these).

Display your entry/entries at the Peer Awards website after the end of this year’s awards, so that they can be seen by other visitors to the website, and for you to be able to link to them.

You will be able to edit your entry for public view before it goes live at our website.

We are not aware that any other awards provide this service for ongoing recognition for your work.

A whole page about your company at the Peer Awards website after the end of this year’s awards, featuring links to your entries, so that it can be seen by other visitors to the website, and for you to be able to link to it.

This option can be especially effective where your company is receiving a Commitment to Excellence award, as it allows you to express the ethos of your department as a whole (or your organisation), providing context for your nominated entries.

Book Options

We plan to publish the Peer Awards Book in print at Amazon early next year.

This book will showcase globally entries from all those nominated this year plus from a selection of previous years’ finalists and winners, providing an exciting additional degree of acknowledgement for our community.