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Here are all the options currently offered to Peer Awards candidates

We may adjust or add to these offers as circumstance change

How to Enter
Talk with us

Additional Branding

Of interest if a vendor, consultant or other company is associated with the entry

Associate Company
An additional company (commercial or otherwise) acknowledged as being associated with this entry, with their logo displayed alongside the main one, and with a link to their website.
Fee: £250 per associate

Partner Company
As for Associate above, but also with the additional company acknowledged alongside the main one as a joint finalist.
Fee: £500 per partner

Ceremony Places

The scene at a previous year’s Peer Awards Ceremony – also a champagne afternoon cream tea

Each Individual Place
A single place at the awards ceremony
Fee: £250

Tea for Two
Discounted places for a couple of guests

Fee: £450

A table for twelve at the awards ceremony (we are unlikely to be able to offer exclusive tables for ten this year)
Fee: £2,500

Celebratory Plaques

Peer Award winners a a previous Awards Ceremony celebrating their wins

Larger Winner Plaque
A larger (A4 instead of A5) complimentary winner’s plaque if you are at the Awards Ceremony and your entry is a winner
Fee: £55 (A4 size) + P&P if appropriate

Absent Winner Plaque
A personalised plaque that celebrates your entry winning a Peer Award, if you are not able to be at the Awards Ceremony to collect your complimentary plaque in person

Fee: £95 (A5 size); £150 (A4 size); + P&P if appropriate

Finalist Plaques
Personalised plaques that celebrates your entry being nominated for a Peer Award, even if your entry is not an actual winner.
Fee: £95 (A5 size); £150 (A4 size); + P&P if appropriate

Additional Plaques
Additional personalised plaques to further celebrate your entry being shortlisted for or winning a Peer Award.
Fee: £95 (A5 size); £150 (A4 size); + P&P if appropriate

Exposure at this Website

We like to give as much exposureas we can to our finalists and winners at this website

Showcase Page
Your entry as displayed for peer review, with its separate tabbed sections and associated visuals, presented at our website for general viewing by our visitors
Fee: For 12 months from the Awards Ceremony: £250 for a Finalist that does not win, Free of charge for a Winner

Showcase PDF
Your entry displayed in PDF form, alongside your showcase page (see above)

Fee: £100

Video Interview
Specially recorded short video placed at your showcase page where you are interviewed by the Peer Awards via webcam about your entry and your participation in these awards. This is edited and subject to your editorial approval.
Fee: £1,000; Free of charge if by invitation of the Peer Awards

Exposure at The Times website

Recognition for our finalists and winners at the Peer Awards microsite at TheTimes.co.uk

Text about your Entry
Your entry title and company name featured at The Times website Peer Awards hub, giving your brand exposure at The Times website
Fee: £250

Additional text about your Entry
Your own text, subject to our approval and that of The Times.

25 words @ £250
various price points for more coverage

Visuals to accompany your Entry
A picture or a video alongside larger entries

A picture @ £500
A video @ £1,000

Your own Page
Your own exclusive page at the Peer Awards hub at The Times website, to include around 1,000 words, possibly all your entry’s visuals and a link to your website and to your entry at our website.

Fee: £6,000