Flexible Learning – Shift Happens
Changing the way we learn in Virgin Media

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Management development programmes are usually traditional classroom training events, they cost a fortune in travel, expenses and resource. The delegates turn up, get trained and return to their teams. The business hopes their investment lasts, but often the learning leaves them soon after the event.

The Core Leaders Programme is a blended mix of online learning, instructor led (virtual and classroom) training and workplace activity for Virgin Media s Management population. Social Learning principles and technology are the core of the programme. Communities are usually bolted on at the end, however this time The Community is the course!

We designed the programme to centre on the user, to create a place where they can reflect, share findings, build relationships and get real time support from the experts. We wanted to create a solution which reflects the leadership principles explored on the course and which would stay with the learner long after the event has happened, so that relationships get stronger, and they stay connected.

We created a learning community for our managers to do all this. Virgin Media’s Management and Leadership offering has evolved to utilise our technology and tools to be effective while connecting our leaders together.

By blending the technology together, using social/collaborative tools, hosting online events and allowing the delegates to learn at their own pace. We have created a solution where anyone in the UK can participate in the programme.

The programme is one of the most flexible courses in Virgin Media because the user can access the community, the content and even the virtual classroom sessions from their smart device. They can ask questions to experts on the fly, pull up content in real situations. So they have the information in their pocket, as and when they need it![/one_half_last]

We’ve learnt a great deal so far and we’re still not finished. It’s been difficult to get learners to use the technology. We’ve re-designed the modules to make the experience more collaborative. We’ve had to change what our roles mean as facilitators and become more flexible in our deliver methods. We’re still quite new at using a full blend of technology in our learning designs.

The activity and feedback has improved since we started. The user experience is easier and more fluid and people are getting used to learning and interacting with each other this way in their work lives.


We want our people to think smarter, not work harder. That s where our inspiration has come from. Using social networks internally is challenging the behaviour of what our employees currently do.

We want our business to be a connected business. By using these tools in learning our managers will start to use them for working as they realise how easy it is to get information, knowledge, collaborate and build relationships to help bridge those geographical gaps. The way we learn and work is changing. We see our company as a game changer and that’s exactly what this programme is![/one_half_last] Speaker
Stuart Bailey
Collaborative Learning Solutions Business Partner
Virgin Media

Passionate about learning and technology. Currently driving the social learning strategy for Virgin Media and changing the way Virgin Media’s employees learn, work and collaborate. A very creative thinker who loves bringing new idea’s to the table to give a great end user experience and embed the learning using blended learning solutions through instructional design.