My name is Susan – Vodafone Data Awareness Campaign
Achieving engagement by integrating channels and breaking the mould

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We delivered a campaign to change the way Vodafone Retail and Contact Centre employees thought about handling customer and employee data. As a result of the innovative, provocative and integrated approach, over 95% employees engaged, signing a pledge to keep data safe.
The aim was to create an emotive response in employees through helping them to understand this isn’t just information/data they have in their hands – this is someone’s life.
We wanted our people to really understand how important their role and their actions are in keeping Vodafone a trusted organisation, and do everything they can to protect it.

The campaign was unprecedented in Vodafone’s internal comms history. Out of a potential reach of 4000 customer-facing employees, 95% actively engaged in the campaign and signed the pledge.
88% agreed that they had learned something really interesting that they would apply to their day-to-day activities.
81% said they felt more confident in how to handle customer data as a result of the campaign.
Intranet engagement in articles and content related to the campaign soared to 400% more than average campaign.
All of which resulted in a drop of over 54% in emails that breached company data security policy.

Employees at Vodafone are a forward-thinking bunch and they’re quite hard to impress, so the campaign needed to be something very new. We therefore broke the mould and filmed a mock demo to create a big launch, experiential activity to bring it to life with spoof hungry and homeless people, a microsite to hold all key content, retail packs, and ambient media to really immerse – which even made national news in the Guardian!
By adopting a more provocative, innovative and integrated approach we made sure we cut through the noise, got noticed and prompted engagement.[/one_half_last]

Being provocative can have its dangers! In a Vodafone first we placed stickers on the lids of employee toilets saying ‘If you’re not careful with customer data, your career could be going down here’. Whilst this had the desired effect of causing a stir, we hadn’t accounted for employees sharing the idea with the press. Although the article took it as a bit of fun, it was a reminder that although it’s in internal comms, they can go external!


Be bold and back yourself! We knew the campaign had to make an impact – the audience are bombarded with messages all day, every day. The demo idea, and the toilet idea all met with resistance from various areas of the business but where there’s a will there’s a way. We managed to get the campaign to market, resulting in one of the most successful internal campaigns ever seen at Vodafone, and more importantly a step change in the way employees think about customer data.[/one_half_last] Speaker
Charlotte Drake
Business Integrity Manager

Working as part of a newly created team within Legal brought together to help drive a cultural change across the UK business. Focusing on really understanding the employee; helping them to re-form an emotional connection to the brand, ultimately creating social movements across the business, driving the changes from the inside out. Stakeholder engagement to create a positive appreciation of the benefit brought by Business Integrity to the business, creating an environment for clear two-way communication, holding a mirror up to the organisation.