intu Chapelfield Custody & Community Project – Breaking the cycle of crime
Reducing reoffending by offering prisoners a real alternative to crime

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The intu Chapelfield Custody and Community Project (CCC) – run by intu Chapelfield shopping centre in Norwich – provides work-experience and training for serving prisoners from HMP Norwich and Blundeston; helping people secure permanent jobs whilst on licence.

Crime costs the UK billions. intu Chapelfield uses its skills, experience and resources to help break the cycle of reoffending: benefitting offenders, our business, customers and the community. CCC has been running for four years.

65% of prisoners serving a one year sentence, and 41% serving a longer sentence, at HMP Norwich will reoffend.* Only 5% of our prisoners have reoffended after release.

*Ministry of Justice

• 148 serving prisoners have taken part in the programme
Target: 30
• 75% have secured employment
Nationally, under 26% of prisoners leave prison with a job.
• 37 businesses have offered work opportunities to prisoners.
Target: five businesses to engage.
• 95% of CCC prisoners have been released and not reoffended

“The best thing is that I am very confident that I will not go back to prison. This project has changed me more than anyone will ever know, I don’t think I could put into words what it has done for me and my family.” Ben, serving prisoner

intu Chapelfield Shopping Centre is part of Intu Properties plc which owns and operates 14 UK shopping centres.

Crime cost retailers £1.6billion in 2012. intu Chapelfield took a proactive and innovative approach to addressing the impact of crime on its business and community; devising a partnership with HMP Norwich to reduce reoffending.

Prisoners volunteer to take part in an eight week work-experience programme; working alongside intu Chapelfield staff in areas including maintenance, customer service, recycling and cleaning. intu Chapelfield facilitates professional training for prisoners.

intu Chapelfield team members mentor prisoners; helping them to apply for jobs, open bank accounts and prepare for life outside prison.[/one_half_last]

Openness; one retailer employed an intu Chapelfield prisoner but withheld information from staff about his background. He felt isolated and, when his ‘secret’ emerged, was the subject of gossip and speculation. He left feeling let down; staff felt lied to.

• Have a strong leader/decision-maker: in the early days only Davina’s belief got the project established. She inspired people to go with her on the journey.
• Be pragmatic: we’ve had to accept that not everyone wants to change.
• Be prepared: we’ve developed rigorous risk assessment protocols to ensure our staff and customers are never at risk.


All staff work alongside prisoners every day. Staff turnover and absenteeism has reduced markedly since the project launched. Staff have become very empathetic and developed leadership skills.

intu Chapelfield has employed a number of prisoners on a permanent basis; dedicated, talented employees.[/one_half_last]

The Speaker

Davina Tanner – General Manager of intu Chapelfield Shopping Centre, Norwich and creator of the intu Chapelfield Custody & Community Project

Davina Tanner joined intu Chapelfield Shopping Centre as General Manager in 2008, after a career spanning the police force, retail and sales management. Davina and her team have helped cement Norwich’s position as one of the UK’s top ten shopping destinations. The intu Chapelfield Custody and Community Project, in partnership with HMP Norwich and HMP Blundeston; has led to Davina being recognised nationally for her innovative approach to reducing re-offending. Davina is on the National Leadership Team of BITC Employer’s Forum for Reducing Re-offending.