O2 Inner Circle; a valued forum for senior executives
How to join up senior executive engagement and communications

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O2 Inner Circle is our joined up approach to engaging with valuable senior executives who are customers or prospects. From a bespoke monthly forum for CIO’s/CTO’s, CSR Directors, HR Directors and Marketing Directors we have expanded our engagement to include 3 new areas. VIP hospitality at the O2 and Twickenham. Exclusive access to the England Rugby Squad and Twickenham for charity fund raising. Access to a closed group on Linked in exclusive for peer to peer engagement

For 18 months we have run successful Blue Door Forums, rotating each month with the 4 senior executive groups. Limited to 15 customers O2 have brought their experience to the table on a variety of subjects. From bring your own devices to Flexible working O2’s senior leaders and customers have shared our highs and lows. The forum continues to be successful and is always full. Using the regular attendees as a base the programme has expanded and now has over 400 contacts from these forums who are now migrating to our Inner Circle group, which will have 200 full members.

We have maximised the sponsorship O2 have with the World s most successful music venue, the England Rugby squad plus the wide range of senior managers who are experts in every aspect of business. This has enabled us to offer a forum where not only can our members get great information and insight but a chance to raise money for their good causes , with our England appearance ( auctions) and annual 6 aside rugby challenge at Twickenham. Using LinkedIn we have a closed user group for invitations, exchange of ideas and peer to peer engagement.[/one_half_last]

Every business has experts in their organisations that traditionally do not get together or see value exchanging ideas with their suppliers. We have recognised that our business can discuss and share our experience from Retail to Finance, CSR to Technology and have invited our customers to join us and our customers. These groups are made up of influential individuals who are not only learning from O2 but other customers and O2 learns in turn from everyone. By saying thank you with hospitality at the O2 we continue the group dynamics and ensure a good attendance, less than 5% drop out.


The sponsorship we have at the O2 and with England Rugby is not just a naming and advertising opportunity. We have creatively used these assets to give every member a unique experience with their peers. For example the last Squad appearance involved items brought and auctioned by the squad to just 100 attendees for charities chosen by our customers and the England Squad. Every bid over 300 received an unexpected signed framed England Rugby shirt worth of 600.The annual 6 aside rugby challenge will be an opportunity for each customer team to raise money for their own good causes.[/one_half_last] Speaker
Nigel Dutton

Nigel Dutton, Head of Blue Door Experience. With over 35 years experience in the telecommunications sector and time on secondment to the voluntary sector. Responsible for the marketing of the Blackberry in London with unique guerrilla actives in 2002 Nigel has subsequently managed every aspect of customer face to face events over a 11 year period with O2.Now concentrating on bringing intimate groupings together and consultancy for O2 customers on fund raising for charities, CSR and business development. Holder of several World Records and organiser of the Largest Electric Guitar Ensemble in 2012 in aid of Child Line.