iPSL’s Charity makes ‘Headway’ in fundraising

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iPSL worked with Headway to help the charity increase their profile and improve fundraising. Results included the recruitment of marathon runners; national sponsorships; revamped marketing materials; and the transformation of tired facilities – leading to an increase in referrals and income.
Four disparate iPSL employees embarked on an Accelerated Leadership programme to develop individual skills and capabilities, with the objective of working with the local branch of the national brain injury charity ‘Headway’, to help them enhance their profile and improve fundraising efforts.

Immediate impacts included the direct recruitment of 30 London Marathon runners, avoiding outsourcing costs; and the instigation of a partnership with an iPSL customer to commercialise the fundraising model. This partnership helped to leverage national sponsorships
Longer term impacts included the creation and delivery of a framework to support future fundraising. The iPSL team also developed professional marketing materials including a fully functional website and leaflets; and worked to transform tired, temporary facilities creating a learning zone, music and relaxation rooms. This directly led to increased referrals and income, and eliminated the need for costly relocation.

Tasking individuals from differing business departments within the company with the challenge to ‘Make a Difference’ to a local charity, provided leadership experience and development for the individuals, increased future networking amongst the business departments, and supported iPSLs Corporate Social Responsibility programme. Genius!
After forming strong working relationships, the team’s individual leadership styles were blended to tackle the task ahead.
Skills learned during this project have led the team to appreciate different ways of thinking – something we all brought back into our daily working lives.[/one_half_last]

If we were to repeat the project again we’d be more realistic about what could be achieved in the timescales provided.
The boundaries set meant adopting a fearless approach, exploiting internal resources, influencing external client networks, and dedicating a significant amount of personal commitment – more than originally anticipated!
After building relationships and setting expectations with Headway, we set a realistic initial target. We also aspired to leave Headway with the tools and framework to continue successful fundraising.


The work with Headway has concluded but the inspiration continues in an ongoing relationship between the two organisations, which has been recognised by winning the 2012 local Just Giving award for corporate collaboration – a boost to the teams at both organisations.
The scale of our impact was acknowledged by Headway, when a note of appreciation was received opening with ‘From little Acorns… Ending with ‘We wouldn’t be where we are today without your support!”
Our eyes have been opened to what can be achieved with a dedicated and focused leadership team.[/one_half_last] Speaker
Katrina Flunder
Learning & Development Associate

A creative L&D professional, with 16 years experience in developing individuals and teams within various functions and roles.
Katrina is CIPD qualified and Belbin accredited and is currently delivering an in-house ILM accredited leadership development programme and receiving excellent feedback.
She is married with 2 daughters and enjoys baking and creating and designing novelty cakes for friends and family.