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Buying a new home is the biggest, most important (and stressful) purchasing decision people make. Our vision was to adapt best practise online shopping experiences consumers are already familiar with.
My Redrow is a secure online service where customers can do everything from booking appointments to choosing finishing touches for their new home. From search, to viewing and reservation through to purchase and after sales, My Redrow will ultimately embrace all stages of the process.
To develop My Redrow and meet our customers’ expectations meant a major cultural shift within the business and changing working practices.

A three month pilot programme across two developments was extremely encouraging. Engagement was high across the key measures of Registration, Useability and Appointments.
The success of the pilot resulted in national roll out in April 2013.
In the first 4 weeks following launch we achieved 949 registrants, 42 appointments and 11,864 options and choices pages viewed.
Previously, sales personnel would spend several hours with each customer in the selection of finishing touches. My Redrow has massively enhanced sales productivity, freeing up time to sell homes to new customers, as other customers complete their choices and options online.

Allowing customers to see real time build progress of individual homes and to select build stage related options is a transformation of the new build sector.
Once a home is reserved My Redrow becomes a unique online experience allowing customers to select their personal design specifications, from kitchens, and wall tiles to wardrobes, bathroom fittings and even electrical fittings. My Redrow provides enhanced communication with customers throughout the construction of their home.
The next phase, to improve efficiency and communication with customers, financial advisers and solicitors through the complex reservation to exchange process is in development, with further phases planned.[/one_half_last]

Maximise input from people who deal with customers on a daily basis.
Pilot is essential to identify the “true process” to enable all aspects to be incorporated.
Feedback from customers and sales staff is essential to ensure My Redrow is constantly appropriate to customer needs. Customers expect enhancements to be implemented quickly.
Customers are more willing to engage online for such a major purchase than originally expected.

Online customer engagement has enriched the customer experience and increased customer commitment whilst significantly improving sales productivity. It has freed up our sales personnel to sell homes to visiting customers, whilst other customers are now choosing their finishing touches online at home.
Online display also means it is easier to offer a greater number of options and choices to the customer, as sales personnel cannot show every single item.[/one_half_last]

The Speaker

Jackie Broadey
Digital Marketing Manager
Redrow Homes Limited