Love Every Drop
Love Every Drop – Our call to action

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Anglian Water is pioneering a new way of thinking in the provision of water services. We aim to put water at the heart of a new way of living, focusing on water as a precious, finite and valuable resource.
We want to change how society interacts with water today to ensure there s enough for us all tomorrow. Getting everyone to appreciate its real value its place in the environment, its contribution to health and wellbeing, its use and disposal is a step-change that requires new thinking and greater cooperation.

LED has 10 goals, backed up by 100+ commitments, measures and behaviour change campaigns.
Recent achievements:
Smart business:
Keep it Clear behavioural change campaign running for 2 years: 51% reduction in sewer blockages, 72% reduction in sewer flooding, £2 million saving.
Customer service – Industry leader 2012/13 Smart environment:
Drop CO2 – since 2010: Reduced Embodied Carbon 39% , Increased renewable generation 82% Leakage – 30% less than industry average Smart communities:
Drop 20 4.00M litres/day of water saved Education Programme – 195,335 people in 5yrs.

LED is our innovative business strategy that demonstrates a profound understanding of the challenges we face and how we choose to respond to them in ways that are positive and inclusive.
In 2011, we sponsored the development of a new collaborative forum on sustainable water stewardship, in conjunction with the University of Cambridge’s Programme for Sustainability Leadership. This brings together forward-thinking organisations and global leaders to build expertise, encourage shared action and tackle the challenges of tomorrow. The project is exploring sustainability at all levels including water abstraction, behavioural change, planning, regulation and finance.[/one_half_last]

The foundation of Love Every Drop was laid in 2007 when we published our Strategic Direction Statement (SDS) for 2010- 2035 following an unprecedented and extensive stakeholder engagement programme. Growth and Climate change were identified as key issues for the company…there was no engineering ‘fix’, instead we challenged everyone to think differently – Love Every Drop was our call to action.
Since then, we’ve continued engaging with customers and stakeholders particularly through Love Every Drop campaigns.
In the two years since we launched LED, our campaigns and initiatives have been shaped by understanding our customers, communities, business leaders and employees.   


Climate change has been identified by governments, businesses and our customers as one of the biggest challenges facing our society today. And with over 20% of our region below sea level, we will be among the first in Europe to be affected by rising sea levels and more frequent extreme weather events.
“Anglian Water is an organisation at the forefront of efforts to adapt to climate change, is actively adapting and is an exemplar organisation for others that need to adapt.”
Lord Henly, Parlimentary Under Secretary, Defra, May 2011[/one_half_last] Speaker
Andrew Brown
Head of Sustainability
Anglian Water Services

Andy Brown is Head of Sustainability at Anglian Water and is responsible for overseeing the delivery of their sustainability strategy Love Every Drop . Love Every Drop is about putting water at the heart of a whole new way of living. He has direct responsibility for the teams delivering the community education, customer engagement and employee volunteering programmes across the region. He has worked in the sustainability area within Anglian Water for 15 years. Previously leading on their climate change adaptation work and having responsibility for the delivery of their 10 year biodiversity action plan and monitoring and reporting on environmental performance within Anglian Water and externally.