Inspiring young people and communities to reach their full potential
How Many Lightbulb Moments Does it take to Change Us?

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Inspired Life Community Interest Company was founded in 2010 to inspire young people and communities. Since then we have engaged over 15870 young people by providing positive role models and experiential resources to help them reach their true potential. We were a London 2012 Inspire Mark project and a finalist for Excellence in Education Award. Inspired Life changes lives.
We have now developed 7 different programmes including:
1. Assemblies and community talks programme
2. Inspirational Role Model Programme
3. Team challenges
4. Bespoke events
5. Social Enterprise Programme
6. Global Citizenship Programme
7. Teacher resource pack and CPD training

We have engaged 15,870 young people transforming aspirations and well-being. All programmes are measured to evidence long term outcomes. Our assemblies indicated 73% responded positively about life choices, 75% found it useful for goal setting and 77% were more inspired. The 5 week role model programme captured pre and post evaluation questionnaires and adolescent well-being health forms. 175 recent participants delivered 100% positive feedback on goal setting, inspiration and life-choices. It also recorded a positive movement between 5% and 13% on aspiration measures and a 29% average improvement in adolescent well-being. Anecdotal improvements in behaviour, attendance and attainment were observed.

We researched different ideas to embed learning putting young people at the centre of their learning for life. We developed a blend of activities, challenges and experiential learning needed to construct ‘The Future You’. Our positive role models include Olympians, Adventurers, Musicians, Artists, and Entrepreneurs. Participants access innovative resources including our ‘Certificate of Inspiration’ and the Little Book of Inspiration to record interests and passions, success sunglasses (achievements) and set goals. Participants complete experiential learning activities including filmed chat shows, mock press conferences and games like values bingo and paper aeroplane challenge. Our process of personal development is unique.[/one_half_last]

In 2 years we have never received negative feedback about our programmes except why someone’s child had not been included on it. In fact all our stakeholders rate our resources as world class. However we would like to use social media and web technology to track the long term outcomes of our work by remaining connected to participants with online coaching. Our current website and supporting technology does not meet our own standards and expectations. Since we have never received any core funding some aspects of our organization remain embryonic and starved of investment and resource.


Inspired Life is not only our name it reflects a statement of intent. We are promoting a better way to learn (more experientially) that develops our goals and dreams towards things we are good at and passionate about. Inspiration is the pulse and spark that runs through all our programmes and is delivered by positive role models with inspirational life stories. These are not people who aim for average or give up easily and that message is infectious. We provide real opportunities for young people and communities to experience this in a safe laboratory and feel supported.[/one_half_last] Speaker
Richard Harpham
Director and Co Founder
Inspired Life

Richard Harpham has completed over 6,700 miles of human powered adventure by bike, kayak and canoe with and He co-founded that inspires young people and communities, which has engaged over 16,500 people and was awarded the London 2012 Inspire Mark. Previously Richard studied an MBA at Cranfield University and was a director of a FTSE 100 company. During his corporate career he experienced growing large facilities management businesses before becoming an entrepreneur developing a facebook for sport concept, that ran for 5 years. He managed the Ghana Ski Team at the Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010.