Implementing changes while keeping the candidate experience a priority

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When Direct Line Group separated from RBS Group to form a standalone company, we had the unique opportunity to reinvent our Resourcing team. We not only restructured the existing team, but additionally:
• built a new team to complete online and telephone volume
assessments, background screening, and contract production
• implemented a new applicant tracking system in eight weeks
• built a new careers site
• developed new assessment materials and processes
• launched our new Employer Brand
By making the candidate experience a priority during these transformations, we’ve seen positive effects, particularly through improved application, interview and assessment results.

Improved the hiring experience for both our candidates and hiring managers. Since building our own Candidate Services team, the offer rate at interview has increased to 65.3%, compared to 33.3% previously with RBS Group. Our assessments have also reduced candidates unsuccessful at interview due to short term tenure risk to 8.6% from 55.9%, and the no show rate at interview is now 6.1% from 30%. Since building our background checking team, the average candidate screening time has reduced from minimum 10 days with RBS Group, to a current average screening time of 3.4 days.

We have transformed our volume assessments from the generic assessments used with RBS Group into ‘Experience Days’. Candidates attend a half-day session where they are interviewed and assessed using a role-simulation exercise that is strongly based on company values, gives a clear expectation of the role and provides a highly realistic preview of the job. They also meet their team leaders and manager, and are given a site tour and the opportunity to talk through the benefits, culture and company background with a Resourcing Consultant. This has led to decreased drop out and no show rates and increased assessment pass rates.[/one_half_last]

When our new volume application process was implemented, 60% of candidates were not completing their online applications. Candidate feedback showed most had ran out of time and were planning on finishing at another time, however only 20% ever completed their application.
The application process took 45 minutes to an hour to complete, so the workflow was reviewed and changes implemented to reduce the application completion time to 15 minutes. Since implementing the new application process, the number of incomplete applications has reduced significantly, from 60% to 20%, and the candidate experience has been enhanced via a quicker, easier application.


To hit our target of operationally separating from RBS Group by June 2012, we had to implement a multitude of changes exceptionally quickly:
• Implemented our new applicant tracking system in 8 weeks.
• Recruited and trained 25 Candidate Services team members in
4 months.
• Developed and launched our Employer Brand in 6 months.
• Created our careers sites from scratch in less than 6 months
with visits of 40k+ per month.
• Designed, trialed and released our assessment materials in 10
Using continuous testing, we ensure the best service possible is provided to candidates and the business.[/one_half_last] Speaker
Jason Gowlett
Head of Resourcing
Direct Line Group

Jason heads Direct Line Group s resourcing team, leading the development and delivery of the company’s end-to-end recruitment journey for a diverse range of roles from actuaries to spray painters! Jason successfully led the separation of the resourcing functions from RBS Group, which included introducing new teams, technologies and processes. Jason s team recently won the 2013 ONREC award for Best Corporate Graduate Website and the S1 Jobs Award for Best Client Careers Website 2013.