HR Shared Desk creation, launch and implementation
Effective ways for dealing with HR queries for employees

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– Created a HR Shared Service Desk (HRSSD)
– Provides a first port of call for all staff on general enquiries
– Set up to create an efficient and effective tracking system of all HR requests
– Allows employees to use one centralised number and email for all HR enquiries
– HR team can now effectively monitor typical queries and respond with coaching and training to develop managers
– Enables information sharing for HR across European business units

– We have dealt 1020 calls since 22nd January launch
– Employees now know their enquiries are being dealt with immediately
– Staff have praised the efficiency and ease of the new system
– Employees understand the HR process and now kept informed of any changes and policies
– It means all enquiries can now be dealt within four hours
– HR are able to monitor workload and ensure no work is missed – better customer service provided compared to what has happened historically
– The implementation of the desk has saved the business £8K per year in staff head count reduction created through efficiencies

– We are the first venue to implement a HRSSD
– With more than 1,000 staff in the UK alone it is was essential to develop an efficient and effective service that could deal with daily HR issues
– It provides HR the opportunity to monitor all enquiries and respond with appropriate coaching or training for managers
– It also allows the HR team to understand its client and staff needs
– The implementation of the desk has saved the business £8K per year in staff head count reduction created through efficiencies[/one_half_last]

– There have been a number of low level technical teething problems
– Including the quality of the answers provided to customers. There was also an issue with emails not being received from some of our contractors who use non-AEG email addresses
– Initial problem was no priority was being assigned, so the service level agreements would not be accurate, resolved by assigning a default priority when the call was raised automatically by the business rules within the system.
– These refinements have been possible due to the visibility of the issues due to the centralised nature of the system.
– All issues were addressed and constantly investigated to develop the initiative

– A greater understanding of staff needs
– There is a structure in place to allow us to roll this system out across our global offices
– Cost savings through reduction of headcount and better processes
– Allows an insight into creating better HR processes
– Enables tracking of calls to identify trends and ensure no calls are missed!
– Provision of better customer service to employees
– Avoids duplication of work as customers log the call at one central point rather than contacting different HR team members
– Creates MI for Executive team highlighting the value HR is adding[/one_half_last] Speaker
Jeremy King
Communication Director
AEG Europe

Having started in December 2012, Jeremy has been responsible for creating and implementing a communications strategy for the venue, its assets and partners. This has ensured it has maintained its position as the world’s most popular music space, and is working toward becoming the number one entertainment destination for both domestic and international visitors. This involves the implementation of creative, live, digital and social media strategies designed to generate earned media, engage with its customers and produce immersive experiences.

Prior to this he was editor of Media Week and Event, the leading titles for the media and event industries. He was brought in to Haymarket in 2004 to launch RSVP magazine before combining this publication with Event and creating a multichannelled brand with leading print, digital and live event offerings. Prior to this he was the entertainment editor for the Evening Standard’s Metro Life supplement, and its digital publication Before this he worked as a news and entertainment reporter for the Daily Mirror, having started his career 14 years ago as a trainee journalist on regional newspapers.