Delivering Mutuality. The Customer’s Voice Helping Shape Products & Services
How our members’ voices translate into service and product improvements

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Nationwide have really demonstrated “On Your Side” by having a number of customer engagement mechanisms in place across all channels, phone, web and branch to seek Customer feedback and improve their products and services as a result.
This incorporates an independent research company telephoning customers to ask them about the quality of service they receive and essentially rate the service. On top of this talkbacks are in place, as well as a number of research groups to improve the customer journey across the society.

This insight is aggregated and analysed to determine business priorities. Processes have been streamlined, ideas have been acted upon
Over 10,000 customers are contacted every month, and over the last 3 years, net satisfaction has improved by an average of over 14% across all channels with as much as 24% for the telephone channel.

Thousands of customer feedback, directed to front-line employees within hours of the interaction. Coupled with the ability to review this from a head office function, where the data is aggregated, analysed for trends and themes and translated into actions specifically designed to improve the service to our customers and bring mutuality to life![/one_half_last]

The vast amount of feedback was incredibly exciting and to have this at our fingertips within hours of the interaction was incredibly powerful. The customer engagement strategies have been a tremendous success and enabled a cultural shift within the organisation ensuring the customer really is at the heart of all decision making and embedded within our ethos.

For whilst the customer engagement strategies are unique, the sheer passion and drive Nationwide have had in acting upon customers feedback has been incredible and the results are based on the internal drive for excellence and execution on what matters most.[/one_half_last]

Amanda Reynolds
Customer & Employee Excellence Leader

Amanda Reynolds specialises in people strategies, aimed at creating happier employees and customers and an impact on the bottom line. At Nationwide Amanda is responsible for Customer Service Support & Experience, Service Resolution and Insight & Intelligence. Over the past 20 years, she has worked both internal for companies and as a management consultant in 11 different countries. Her passion is Service Excellence Transformation and has led major change for companies such as Santander, Astra Zeneca, ACAS, Egg, Coutts, Norwich Union and many more.