The Experian Green Challenge
Engaging colleagues to Go Green for Good

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Green Challenge was our first global engagement project, designed to engage and encourage colleagues around the world to reduce their own environmental impacts and raise money for the Red Cross. Between November and January colleagues formed teams to complete Team Challenge questionnaires and fun Mini Challenges, focussed on improving different aspects of their environmental behaviour both at home and work. The winning teams received a donation for a good cause of their choice and a cash prize to enable them to ‘Go Green for Good’. Over 1,000 of Experian’s 17,000 people participated directly, many more colleagues were influenced and affected.

1,000 people created 126 teams across 20 countries. Every team member answered questionnaires about energy, waste, water and work habits each month, to measure greening behaviour. Hundreds of pictures, videos, ideas were shared by participants on their team’s own Intranet pages; visited by over 3,000 employees. We measured improvement across all impacts, average scores rose from 57% to 68%. Over 700 Individuals completed three Mini Challenges, giving up commuting by car, adopting environment saving ideas at home and bringing 3,000 unwanted items to swap at 25 events around the world. On conclusion, 86% said they had adopted new environmental behaviours.

When devising the Challenge, we wanted to engage a large number of employees to complete regular tasks over three months. We devised a plan of incentives – the key innovation being employees self-selecting into teams; encouraging colleagues across desks, departments and different regions to join in. Every questionnaire and Mini Challenge completed meant more points on the Leader-board. So team members motivated each other to sign up, become greener and keep going until the end. 74% of participants said they joined the Challenge to be part of a team. 88% said they wanted to participate in another Team Challenge.[/one_half_last]

Green Challenge was created and managed by Experian’s Corporate Responsibility team, supported by external CR (Carnstone) and design (Accrue) consultants to develop, score and communicate the project. When planning the Challenge we devised manual scoring methodologies, sufficient to manage the expected level of participation. The Team Challenge engaged a record number of colleagues, leading to a tripling of time required to manage the project. We risked losing participants if we could not timely score and report their performance for each phase. We quickly systemised our scoring methodologies, part way through, to ensure we could support teams right to the end.

Environment is one of Experian’s six CR pillars underpinning our business strategy and growth. We have made good progress addressing our environmental responsibilities: energy use from our buildings (per $1000 of sales) has reduced by 24% since 2008. But as opportunities for investment become fewer, colleague behaviour and their attitudes to reducing their own impact has a greater role to play. Green Challenge was developed to motivate teams from around the world to get involved, forming a responsive network of colleagues to help achieve our environmental commitments. On conclusion, over a third of participants asked to become Experian Environmental Champions.[/one_half_last] Speaker
Melissa Goncalves Ferreira
Group Environment and Health and Safety Advisor