Customer Experience Matters

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Customer Experience Matters is a service and culture game changing initiative which has been supported by coaching, training and ongoing development. Partnering with Mary Gober International Customer Experience Matters focuses on the psychology of how we do things with a ‘Can Do’ focus and then the techniques that can be used both in your personal and professional life to influence people. This initiative has been rolled out to all our key operational voice contact centre areas and the impact of the training has resulted in increased satisfaction from our customers and improvements in employee engagement.

• Customer Impact improvement in quality and consistency of the way we speak to our customers which has been measured through a positive impact in customer Delight Scores which increased by 5% overall in our customer service areas.
• Leader impact has been providing coaching to sustain CEM effectively which has been provided by tailored coaching workshops and in our Collections & Recoveries area leaders completing the ILM coaching accreditation specifically tailored to the CEM initiative.
• Organisational impact has been to drive culture change in desired employee behaviours and overall Satisfaction (with Brand) Customer Service increased to 75% from 69%.

* Provision of World Class Customer Experience Matters Training by Learning facilitators and SME’s from each LOB
* Provision of Internal Coaching Accreditation workshops
* Support through Coach the Coach from Learning and in Operations
* Introduction of ILM Coaching Accreditation
* Sustainment activity across all lines of business
* Ongoing focus throug existing technology and visuals to constantly focus on the psychology and kay conversation elements from the training.[/one_half_last]

* Ensuring you have a combination of SME and Accredited Facilitators in delivery of training with tailored scenarios (Having an SME in the training adds credibility to the training)
* Ensure the coaching and call quality forms are simple to coach and assess from (Initially these were over complicated and needed to be adapted so they were easy to understand and demonstrated what good looks like)
* Ensuring coach the coach is embedded within the sustainment plan (This needs to be driven by the management team however ensuring the time and priority commitment was made was not easy)

The key to the initiatives success was the belief and passion from the senior Customer services Exec that it was the right thing to do and it was fully endorsed from top down. Ensuring that the training delivered was of the same quality of the external company MGI to provide an inspirational experience during training and most importantly providing the ongoing sustainment activity through coaching, visuals, refresher training, call listening until it becomes part of the way we do business with our customers and internally within the company. Everyone involved has to speak the same language and apply the techniques.[/one_half_last] Speaker
Paul Corke
Learning Manager
MBNA (Bank of America)