LawWithoutWalls – groundbreaking legal training collaboration from global law firm Eversheds
How our members’ voices translate into service and product improvements

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Global law firm Eversheds has entered into a world-first collaboration with an initiative created by Miami Law School. LawWithoutWalls, a part virtual, part in-person three-month training programme, engages future leaders in the law in developing commercial skills and improving cross-border working practices through innovation. Junior lawyers from Eversheds and its top clients worked in teams with students from different countries developing game-changing legal sector business start-ups. The lawyers bring practical expertise, whilst honing their commercial know-how. Eversheds invited an impressive roster of clients to participate in the programme, including American Express, Barclays, Coca-Cola, EDF, GlaxoSmithKline, HSBC, Nestle and Siemens.

Participants report they formed enduring networks and hugely beneficial support groups. Several clients attest that they have taken away ideas about how to improve their own business.
“Eversheds’ groundbreaking collaboration and partnership with LawWithoutWalls reveals its true innovative spirit. It is affirmation that Eversheds believes human connection is at the core of each thriving relationship between firm and client, and that they are committed to cultivating and strengthening those relationships by creatively developing the personal and professional skill-sets of each person.”
Michael Bossone, co-founder LawWithoutWalls

Recently more emphasis has been placed in legal training on skills-based learning and commerciality rather than knowledge-based training. But it is all still theoretical. LawWithoutWalls sees Eversheds doing something completely different; bringing clients together with their own lawyers learning how to mentor on business modelling and commerciality and work as integrated international teams delivering genuine business solutions.
Innovation is a core aspect of the learning on the course – teaching lawyers at a relatively junior level in the firm and within their client base, to ‘think different’ and see the role that innovative thinking will play in their future careers.[/one_half_last]

The relationships formed on the 2013 programme worked so successfully that we realized they could have been of even more benefit had we ensured there was a perfect match between the lawyers and the clients who embarked on the programme. Certainly we found that some of the clients were seeking out, for example, commercial lawyers as they would have been of most benefit to them going forward. So in 2014, for the second programme, we will be more strategic to ensure the Eversheds lawyers we choose to participate are fully matched in work type to the clients who participate.

Eversheds’ vision is to be ‘the global law firm that sets the standards’ and recognises that in order to do so, it must challenge the norms that prevail in the legal industry, not just in legal education and training, but also in legal practice.
Some benefits:
• Client relationships enhanced by bonding money can’t buy;
• Client work beginning to flow from participants;
• Participants are increasingly international and commercial;
• Talent pipeline enhanced through engaging top quality international students and forging relationships with top institutions;
• Detailed learning around new technologies is already helping with global team-working.


Kevin Doolan
Head of Client Relations

Kevin Doolan is responsible for market strategy and business development throughout the firm, and works with Eversheds’ largest clients to ensure they deliver a service that best meets their needs.